Petrino’s Accident Leads To His Exit

Posted: April 11, 2012 by Kodi in NCAA

Bobby Petrino has been fired as the Arkansas Razorbacks Head Coach!

Petrino was in a motorcycle accident that had garnered a lot of attention from the media but . . .

a relationship was revealed after the police reports were made public . . .

Time and time again there are athletes who injure themselves during the offseason while riding around on motorcycles or participating in other questionable activities. This time it was a college football head coach who made the headlines after bailing in a motorcycle accident that sent him to the hospital. At the time everyone was anxious to hear how Arkansas Razorbacks head coach Bobby Petrino was doing and whether or not he had sustained any substantial injuries. Petrino informed the Arkansas administration as well as the media that he had been affected by the sun and win which subsequently blew him off the road during a solo ride in the Arkansas backwoods.

The only reason that the University of Arkansas and the rest of the general public found out that Petrino had been misleading during his initial story is because the police reports were made public. Petrino had indeed been in a motorcycle accident on Sunday April 1st just south of Fayateville, Arkansas but he wasn’t alone. In fact we found out that Petrino had been riding with 25 year old Jessica Dorrell and she was on the back of his bike when they crashed. Dorrell is a former University of Arkansas volleyball player and had just been hired to work for Petrino’s football team just 5 days before the crash.  It didn’t take long before Petrino admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with the tall blonde.

Let the speculation begin about how Dorrell met Petrino and why she pursued a relationship with the coach. I ask why she pursued a relationship because it’s pretty obvious why the 51 year old Petrino engaged in the affair. Men of power have repeated history through the tests of time and a sexy young co-ed can be the quick demise of a professional’s career. Bobby Petrino had noticed Dorrell during Razorback Foundation events and thought that her business degree would be vital to his program. Petrino was extremely vague when he answered questions about Dorrell and only confirmed that there was a “previous inappropriate relationship” but never names any particular person.

Bobby Petrino and his wife Becky have 4 children and Jessica Dorrell was engaged to marry the Razorbacks swimming and diving operations director Josh Morgan. It seems that neither Petrino nor Dorrell cared enough about their significant other to stop themselves from these secretive rendezvous’. It is not known whether or not the two engaged in sexual acts with one another but there is an agreement that they had a relationship. I find it hysterical that the accident occurred less than a week after Petrino hired her to become the student-athlete development coordinator for recruiting. I wonder if the two would have been scheduling sleep-overs while Petrino tried talking high-school athlete’s parents into turning over their boys to become young men under his watch.

The two were going out for a casual afternoon ride on Petrino’s Harley Davidson on April 1st but when they ended up in a ditch their gig was up. Initially Petrino tried to say that he flagged down a car by himself and that they decided to just drive him to the nearest hospital. In actuality it was Jessica who flagged down the car and begged them not to call 911.  The two got a ride into Fayateville where they met up with an off-duty State Trooper who had worked for Petrino during the season. That officer was Captain Lance King who was commissioned by the Arkansas State Police in 1987 and was assigned sideline duty to ensure the safety of Petrino and the Razorback players in 2003.

Captain King wrote a memorandum for Major Les Braunns that goes through a detailed recollection of the events that took place that April evening. King was informed by another trooper that a motorcycle registered to coach Petrino was involved in an accident. King ended that conversation and immediately called Bobby’s cell phone and left him a message informing him that if he needed any assistance to call him back. It wasn’t more than three minutes later that King received a phone call from Petrino’s phone but it was an unidentified woman’s voice on the other end of the line. She informed King of what took place and asked if he could meet them at the hospital parking lot to admit the coach.

King followed his chain of command and phoned his supervisor Major Braunns on the way to the parking lot and informed him of the situation. When King arrived he placed a bloody, battered and bruised Petrino into his car and drove him to the Washington Regional Hospital emergency room as fast as he safely could. He had given the blonde woman who he “had never seen before” his phone number and informed her that he would be calling her tomorrow for an interview. During the short trip King said that he and Petrino barely talked because the coach was obviously in severe pain and kept asking if his neck was broken. As King and Petrino pulled up to the emergency room Petrino’s phone rang and he handed it to King instructing him that it was his wife, Becky, calling. King quickly explained the situation that Bobby had gotten into and told her to get down to the hospital right away.

Captain King stayed at the hospital and was present in the room, at Bobby Petrino’s request, during X-rays and other examinations. Eventually King would return home only to receive a phone call from Razorbacks trainer Matt Summers informing him that the coach had requested his return if it were possible. King arrived to a hospital room that was filled with Bobby’s wife, children, friends and family but the coach was inebriated from pain medication and was nodding in and out of consciousness. Captain King informed coach Petrino that somebody would be coming by to interview him to get some details about the accident. Petrino was able to thank King for bringing him to the hospital but Mrs. Petrino had more questions about who originally drove him. Becky Petrino wanted the names of those good Samaritans so that she could thank them for their help.

Little did Becky know that her husband had a passenger on the bike and it was a 25 year old former Arkansas Razorback student-athlete. Petrino and Dorrell had to have known that their relationship was going to be exposed after they were interviewed by the State Police, which they were warned was going to happen. For some odd reason Bobby Petrino felt that it was in his best interest to try and lie to the University and it’s fans but didn’t lie to the Police. When Dorrell and Petrino were finally interviewed they both gave similar stories about their relationship but Bobby tried his best to leave Jessica out of it.

He asked Captain King in a telephone conversation if “passenger information was required” in hopes of sweeping this growing problem under the rug. King did state that “we had been getting phone calls from people who had said there was a passenger on the rear of the motorcycle and if we didn’t get a name, the report would state unidentified white female. I didn’t ask him the name and he didn’t ask me to keep her name off the report.” Bobby Petrino may not have said “is there any way you can keep my young mistresses’ name off of the police report?” but he did strongly imply that he would be happier if Jessica Dorrell’s name had nothing to do with this incident.

The fact that Bobby Petrino lied to the University of Arkansas about what actually took place during his motorcycle accident is the reason that he has been fired. Bobby Petrino lost his job because the wind blew his motorcycle off of the road, after the sun got in his eyes with a 25 year old blonde woman on the back who he was allegedly having an affair with. Not true, Petrino may have been able to keep his job if he had told Athletics Director Jeff Long the truth but he didn’t and now Hog Nation has been thrown into quite a predicament because of one man’s selfish decisions. After becoming the Razorbacks head coach in 2007 Petrino has turned this program around to make them contenders again and his team is 21-5 in the past two seasons getting them to their first BCS bowl game had become a force to be reckoned with in the SEC.

AD Jeff Long was in tears when he met the media to inform them that he had indeed sent Bobby Petrino a letter of dismissal. Long said that it was a sad day in Hog Nation and that the school had fired Petrino with cause, meaning that the Razorbacks do not have to pay the coach the $18 million because he broke the morality clause of his contract. Long found that Petrino had exercised “manipulating and deceiving behavior”  and that the Athletic Director was “disappointed in [Petrino’s] failure to tell me the truth about it. Coach Petrino had a number of opportunities to share with me the nature of his relationship [with Jessica Dorrell].”

The real shame in this situation is the football players that will be unpleasantly tested by this situation. All of a sudden they are being coached in spring practices by one guy and the next week the program is on its head. A lot of these kids are coming off of a Cotton Bowl victory over Kansas State and a #5 ranking in the final BCS poll for 2011. Now they don’t even know who their coach will be and it’s highly unlikely that the new coach will run the program in the same way as Petrino. The most pressure will not be on whoever replaces Bobby Petrino but rather on the shoulders of QB Tyler Wilson. Wilson is an extremely talented player who showed the ability to lead during the 2011 season. Wilson will still be the pivotal player on the Razorbacks offense and the team’s success will depend on how he performs and not how Petrino drives.


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