Huguely Decision, Love Lost . . .

Posted: February 23, 2012 by Kodi in Other

After nearly 2 years the trial of George Huguely V is over and the verdict is in!

But that will never bring back the beautiful Yeardley Love

The two Virginia Cavalier Lacrosse players dated but the break up became permanent as it was fueled by drunken rage

It isn’t often that you here a connection between athletes and murder investigations and it is even rarer when a collegiate athlete is indicted for killing his collegiate athlete girlfriend. That is exactly what took place at the University of Virginia. George Huguely V was indicted for murdering his girlfriend of over two years, Yeardley Love, after she was found dead in her bedroom at the end of their final semester of college in May 2010. This is a story about love, jealousy, drug and alcohol abuse, partying, making advances on co-eds, basically everything that surrounds college campuses across this country everyday but it also involves sports as both were players on the Lacrosse team.

George Huguely V and Yeardley Love were both 22 years old at the time of this incident, Seniors at the University of Virginia. He is the son of a prominent family from Washington D.C. but grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He attended Landon School an all-male preparatory school whose motto was “By virtue, not by force.” He was the QB on the football field and an all-star lacrosse player in high school and his athletic ability and boyish good looks made him a very popular student. Huguely was forced to choose between the two sports and decided to attend UVA and play Lacrosse on the men’s team.

Yeardley Love “made a dream come true” when she was offered a spot on the UVA women’s Lacrosse team after being accepted to the University because she had a made a promise to her late father. John Love went to UVA before joining the military and he never returned to obtain his degree. In 2003 John died of cancer and Yeardley placed a Lacrosse ball in her father’s casket promising him she would fulfill the mission he was unable to accomplish and attain that degree he never earned.

Sadly, Yeardley was unable to graduate because her life was tragically taken away from her late on the night of May 2, 2010 and George Huguely was arrested in the early morning hours of May 3rd. It is not known exactly when the fatal event between Huguely and Love took place but we do know that a phone call was made around 2:15 a.m. Love’s roommate, UVA tennis player Phillippe Oudshoorn, came home and found a unresponsive Love face down in a pillow. The police arrived and turned Love over to expose a huge pool of blood along with multiple bruises on Yeardley’s face and a right eye that was swollen shut. The police and emergency medical responders pronounced Love dead upon arrival and listed her death as a result of “blunt force trauma.”

Just days before final exams at UVA George Huguely was arrested and charged with first degree murder, felony murder, robbery of a residence, burglary, entering a house with intent to commit a felony and grand larceny. It was not his first run in with the law in 2007 he was charged with underage possession of alcohol in Florida (at his family’s $2 million vacation home) when he was in his second year at Virginia. In 2008 he was arrested outside of the Phi Kappa Sigma frat house at Washington and Lee University and arresting officer Rebecca Moss had a lot to say about Huguely.

“He was by far the most rude , most hateful and most combative college kid I ever dealt with.” Huguely threatened Moss and he shouted obsceneties at her before scuffling with the officer. She was forced to subdue him with her Taser and eventually he would receive a 60 day suspended sentence, 6 months’ probation, as well as community service and a fine. He was required by law to report the incident to the University of Virginia and their athletic department but never did.  Later these run-ins with the law would be used his Love’s murder trial to portray Huguely’s character as one filled with rage and alcohol problems. It is difficult to wonder what if? What if UVA found out about his charges? What if UVA’s penalty would have prevented a relationship between he and Love?

There is nothing anyone can do now and “what if” questions will not bring this woman back, she will never be able to fulfill her promise to her father and that is because she was killed by a jealous ex-boyfriend.

After Huguely was brought in by police he was taken to an interview room at the Charlottesville Police Department where he waved his Miranda rights and gave chilling detail about what took place hours before. He told the police that he kicked him Love’s bedroom door and “shook Love, and her head repeatedly hit the wall” but he was adamant that she was still alive when he left. When the Police realized he didn’t know that Love had passed, Detective Lisa Reeves said “she’s dead, George, and you killed her,” to which he responded “there is nothing I did to her last night that could have killed her.”

Huguely and Love had been dating for over two years but while they were together the relationship was tumultuous to say the least. They were often times seen arguing with each other in public and during the murder investigation friends of both Love and Huguely agreed that the two hadn’t been faithful to one another. One recollection was a time when Love was irate with Huguely because she had witnessed him making advances towards high school aged girls.

Huguely’s teammate Ken Clausen was called to the stand during the trial and told the court that Huguely had lied to him about where he had been the night that Love was murdered. Huguely told Clausen that he was at another apartment in the building, Chris Clements, who Huguely had claimed to have been drinking with and the two were extremely drunk. Clements was called to the stand and testified that Huguely’s scenario was impossible because he had a paper due that Monday morning and he had not drank any alcoholic beverages throughout Sunday. Clements claimed that Huguely stopped by around 11:30 p.m. May 2nd but he told Huguely to go away because he was trying to finish his paper.

This is important because 45 minutes later Huguely returned to his apartment and Clausen asked Huguely “what is wrong with you?” multiple times but Huguely was indifferent. Clausen said that Huguely just had a “blank stare” and that Huguely’s drinking was becoming a problem as the young man had multiple times become belligerent. There were discussions among Huguely’s friends to organize an intervention because the actions of the young man leading up to Love’s murder had them worried. They were unable to go through with their plans and sadly George Huguely’s rock bottom was being locked in a jail cell for killing Yeardley rather than getting a little too drunk too often at frat parties.

What pushed George over the edge? Did alcohol play a key role in his demeanor? Is there a history of domestic assault?

At the time of Love’s murder she and George were broken up and had been for a few weeks and according to testimony Yeardley had broken it off because Huguely had choked her. This had been the second to last of multiple arguments and assaults between the two. George said that he was too drunk and couldn’t remember the incident and wrote Love a note explaining that he couldn’t recall hitting or choking her and that he loved her. That note was found in Love’s room, feet away from her dead body.

There was yet another incident but this time Yeardley was with her new boyfriend and the rest of his teammates. Love began a relationship with Mike Burns, who was also a Lacrosse player but he played for the University of North Carolina. Huguely saw Love, Burns and their friends at a local watering hole when George decided to confront Yeardley but was separated by Burns and multiple other UNC Lacrosse members. Huguely and Love exchanged multiple heated emails during their relationship and it continued after they broke up. In the last email George wrote to Yeardley he told her that “when I found out about Mike Burns, I should have killed you,” and it turns out that threat became reality.

It is quite clear that alcohol played a drastic role in these events but during the trial the defense argued that Love had consumed multiple alcoholic beverages, a ritual for what is known as Sunday Funday! They also claimed that Love was abusing Adderall pills and had been doing so the night she died. Huguely and his defense claim that when he left her that night in her room, that she was still alive and breathing.  Yeardley Love’s blood alcohol level on the night she was murdered is reported to be between 0.16 and 0.18. During the trial medical experts explained that Love’s right eye was bashed in with so much force that it resulted in brain bruising. They explained that the injury that Love experience had so much force that it twisted the blood vessels in her braining causing a fatal hemorrhage. It wasn’t ADD medication or too much alcohol that killed Love, it was a jealous ex-boyfriend.

The charges against Huguely included 1st degree murder meaning that the prosecution had to prove that George premeditated the event and planned on killing Love when he entered his room. He also stole Love’s computer and during the trial you realized that he did that to protect the police from discovering those emails. The defense claimed that Huguely took the computer because he just had a productive conversation with Love and he wanted to ensure that they would continue that talk later. Huguely admitted that he was drinking and even told officers that he shook Love. Although he claimed it was to wake her and that he didn’t realize her head was being smashed into a wall but he couldn’t remember much because he was drunk.

The defense spent a lot of their time during the trial questioning friends of both Huguely and Love. It didn’t take long to realize that George had a problem, his friends were planning an intervention for goodness sakes, but does that condone his actions? The jury would find Huguely guilty of 2nd degree murder and grand larceny and he is likely going to be sentenced to 26 years. He was 22 at the time, 24 now, but he will likely get to live some sort of a life after serving his prison term. Obviously Love will not and this case will serve as a great reminder as how serious domestic assault is and the influence that alcohol has on college students lives. It didn’t help that Huguely was a rich athlete, giving him a false sense of invincibility and he will be thinking about his reprehensible actions.



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