Dude, Where’s My Drug-Dealer?

Posted: February 16, 2012 by Kodi in NCAA, Other

The TCU Horned Frogs are in the center of a media blitz after a big drug bust on campus this week

It involved multiple students as well as a handful of football players

But did this case really need all the attention that it warranted?

Early on Wednesday morning the Fort Worth and TCU Police Department’s prepared for a drug bust on and near the Texas Christian University. There were 19 arrest warrants in all and they picked up all but 1 person, who is still at large, and withdrew another warrant due to mistaken identity. “There is no doubt, all of those arrested today are drug dealers” Steve McGee TCU chief of police told reporters. “These individuals engaged in hand-to-hand delivery for money with undercover narcotics agents.” McGee explained and that his department “will continue to work proactively to curtail drug use on the TCU campus. President Ronald Reagan declared his war on drugs long before most of those arrested were even born but they clearly didn’t to his wife Nancy’s advice to “Just Say No.”

The sting operation was the final step in a 6 month secret investigation involving undercover officers documenting drug buys. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that finds out there is marijuana use on a college campus but that’s not where the allegations stop. The official documents from the investigation have not and will not be released until the finalization of all charges but this wasn’t just a weed bust, some students involved have allegations of selling cocaine, LSD and multiple different prescription drugs. Even at a religious school like TCU I am not surprised to find out that these kids are giving it the ol’ college try when it comes to partying but I wouldn’t be writing about this story if it didn’t involve 4 TCU Horned Frog football players. Ricky Williams told me Austin was full of ganja blazin’ hipsters and that all the stoners went to UT, but I guess he’s wrong.

Police chief Steve McGee wanted to make some high profile arrests to curb a rising drug problem on the campus. “We were hearing about fraternities and football players” McGee continued “we’ve got to send a message . . . We didn’t want to wait until there is a drug overdose.” The four football players were LB Tanner Brock, DL D.J. Yendrey, OT Tyler Horn and CB Devin Johnson. These handful of players allegedly scheduled marijuana sales on and off the campus, planning around their class and practice schedules. The sales were made at dorm rooms, fraternities, on-campus parking lots, as well as at a nearby 7-eleven, a Kroger’s grocery store and the local Hooters restaurant. I would like to point out that the football players have only been alleged to have sold marijuana. If you look at their rendezvous points they are in a convenient proximity of where they sleep or a place where they can grab some munchies, see some cleavage, or both.

Tanner Brock lead the Horned Frogs in tackling two seasons ago but missed the 2011 season due to injury, leaving him a lot of time to smoke weed and sell it. When you go to Brock’s Facebook page and do a little social media stalking you can see that under the “favorite quotes” section of his biography the first one that shows up is “are you high?” and I guess the answer to that is an emphatic yes! Just a few weeks ago, January 19, an officer was informed he should call Brock instead of his usual hookup D.J. Yendrey because he had run out. The undercover who had established a rapport with Yentley seemed to be moving up the ladder this time purchasing a half ounce instead of his normal eighth.

Brock would sell the undercover officer a half ounce of weed for $200 and “after a short conversation about the marijuana, Brock and I exchanged phone numbers, telling me to come to him from now on” the officer said in his affidavit. Anyone who has seen a mob, gangster, or stoner flick knows that stepping on your competitions toes is a no-no but maybe Brock was the kingpin of this operation. As the business between Brock and the cop blossomed they began speaking a lot more about the life of a football player.

Early this February the undercover officer arrived at a home where Brock was present and they had a conversation about a surprise team drug test on February 1st. Brock told him that he failed the drug test “for sure” but that it wouldn’t matter because there “would be about 60 people screwed.” Offensive lineman Ty Horn was present during the conversation and said “there were only 20 people that would pass the test on the team,” after flipping through a roster. Another officer was making a large purchase of marijuana at Devin Johnson’s place. $300 worth, when he asked the CB about the drug test. Johnson responded “what can they do, 82 people failed it” but when that story broke to the public many within the University denied the allegations.

TCU spokeswoman Lisa Albert made a statement late Wednesday saying “I know you were wondering if the university is refuting the facts regarding the statements made in the affidavit. The university is refuting these comments because these comments were made in the context of a drug buy.” Head Coach Gary Patterson and the Horned Frog football team released their first Big 12 schedule just hours after the arrest and indicated that he had no information about the investigation. “As I heard the news [Wednesday] morning, I was first shocked, then hurt and now I am mad!” This shouldn’t come as a surprise to Patterson who initiated a surprise drug test after a recruit turned down a scholarship because of drug use by his future teammates. Patterson says that just 5 TCU players tested positive for marijuana in that drug test and 11 had trace amounts within the margin of error but 86 players were cleared.

Athletic Director Chris Del Conte said that he expects “our student-athletes to serve as ambassadors for the university and will not tolerate behavior that reflects poorly on TCU, the athletics department, our teams or other student-athletes within the department.” The problem is that a lot of these kids come from neighborhoods surrounded by this drug culture and many of them use football as a tool to get away from one game and onto the field for another. Del Conte isn’t oblivious and he knows “our student-athletes are a microcosm of society” and “unfortunately that means some of our players reflect a culture that glorifies drugs and drug use. That mindset is not reflected by TCU nor will it be allowed within athletics.”

TCU Chancellor Victor J. Boschini Jr. thinks that the busts are not a football problem, rather he views it as a student problem. In a letter sent to the entire TCU campus he acknowledged that “this news is certainly shocking and disappointing” but that “TCU has clear expectations for its students.” They are to “behave in an ethical manner, abide by campus policies and adhere to state and federal law.” Continuing “these students are charged with acting in a manner that is incompatible with TCU values against the law” and that these allegations are “simply unacceptable and such reported behavior is not tolerated at this University.”

Let’s hope for the student’s sake that TCU and its police don’t decide to start enforcing the federal drinking age limit. I can understand that there are certain laws broken and I am in no way condoning the actions of these football players but really it’s only a huge story because they were selling it. I could take this argument in a multitude of angles, how are these students allowed to drink but not smoke pot? Are all Universities really this out of the loop? Would young, often poor, athletes be forced to sell some weed if they were to be paid while bringing in these institutions millions of dollars? Would paying these athletes make this drug culture bloom even more?

It doesn’t really matter because the facts are that marijuana is illegal and all of those involved knew that, it may have been different if they hadn’t been selling to undercover cops. That being said, how fucking pathetic is it of this department to spend numerous tax dollars to trap these students into several misdemeanor and felony charges. It was probably like shooting fish in a barrel but the fact that they only had 19 arrest warrants it makes me wonder where all the drug dealers are on a campus near ten thousand students? It seems like these players were working in a joint effort, they tried to smoke their competition but in their haze forgot about the higher courts and are now roasted. If there are two stoners in the back of a car who’s driving? The cops. . . .


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