And I Was Like Why Not?!?!? Josh Hamilton Relapse

Posted: February 10, 2012 by Kodi in MLB

Josh Hamilton, the Texas Rangers Star relapsed again

Hamilton has struggled with addiction for a long time and this is just another example of the daily battle

Hamilton has had two very public relapses but this most recent one has less photos and more allegations. . .

Josh Hamilton is a guy who had it all, lost it, gained it all back and is constantly battling his addiction to drugs and alcohol every day. The guy is a phenomenal talent and always has been but he has his demons and struggles to keep control of them. Hamilton has won an MVP, played in the World Series and has hit 25+ homeruns and knocked in at least 94 RBI in three of the past four seasons. That one season was in 2009 when Hamilton hit just 10 HR’s and knocked in 54 RBI while playing in a career low 89 games. That also happened to be the summer of Josh Hamilton’s first relapse since recovering from treatment in 2005.

On Monday Josh Hamilton relapsed again, this time it was in a Dallas bar while he concealed it from a teammate and there are looming allegations of some sort of sexual contact. I am going to paint you a picture of what took place based upon Josh Hamilton’s complete statement from February 3, 2012 as well as some e-mails from a patron at the bar.

Josh went to have some dinner and while he was having that dinner he decided to order a drink. According to Hamilton he had “three or four drinks” and ended up calling Ian Kinsler to come hang out. Hamilton had been concealing the fact that he was drinking from his teammate, admitting he is deceptive and sneaky when he drinks. He supposedly never drank in front of Kinsler but rather did it behind his back, but I call bullshit. There is no way no matter how “deceptive” you are that you can conceal your drinking when everyone knows that you are a recovering alcoholic as well as a world famous baseball player. I mean this is one of his teammates that would shower Hamilton with Mountain Dew instead of beer or champagne because they didn’t want the alcohol to hit the guy’s lips and he wasn’t a tad suspicious?

The two players move from the restaurant to a bar across the street, which to me increases the suspicion level even more. I don’t know about you guys but the alcoholics that I know don’t usually run around going to bars to just hang out or have some dinner. After a while Kinsler tells Hamilton he needs to go home and Ian drives Josh to his hotel. Hamilton admitted that Kinsler told him “I’ll see you later. You’re not going to go back out, are you?” proving to me that Ian was on to Hamilton but too much of a wimp to call him out. Hamilton of course used his deception by telling Kinsler “No, I am in. I’m good” and that is about the extent of a drunk guys sneakiness.

Big fucking surprise Josh Hamilton went back down the road a quarter mile and returned to the bar that he just left. In his press conference he told the media that no one saw him with a beer, no drugs were used at all and that he never even thought about using. He may not have used hard drugs, as the two drug tests that the MLB has made him take since then has shown, but there is no doubt in my mind that he thought about it. The second that liquor hit his lips he was back into his bad habits and I can only imagine what he wished he could have gotten his hands on. Luckily for him he was partying at a sports karaoke joint and alcohol was all he could get his hands on. That and some “average looking” chicks.

He didn’t learn his lesson from the first relapse because he admitted that “I did take pictures with people, and it was just wrong. That’s all it comes down to. I needed to be in a different place, I needed to be responsible that day, period.” He went on “and I was not responsible. Those actions of mine hurt a lot of people who are very close to me.” And now we will get to the part where some people are allegedly shopping a 7 second video of Hamilton having sex in the men’s bathroom at this particular establishment.

Hamilton was standing in a stairwell that connects the front and back section of Sherlock’s (the bar) and has a drink in his hand but they don’t know whether or not it was orange juice or beer. Hamilton himself admitted he was drinking but if he could be seen he could have been up to more of his drunken sneakiness pounding a few glasses of Vitamin C in between a few brewskis. Hamilton was allegedly approached by this average looking woman and they began to slap each other’s butts and making out near the stairwell. An off-duty manager of Sherlock’s tried to impede people from taking photos with their cell phone cameras.

Hamilton and the woman allegedly make their way into the men’s bathroom where they stay for 8-10 minutes while the same off-duty employee stopped any other patrons from entering the bathroom. They were in a bar with karaoke but the e-mailer said that “loud sexually oriented noise [was] emanating from within the men’s restroom.” They go on to say that when the woman exited the bathroom she had a big smile on her face and “her jaw is kind of dropped open” which I’m guessing insinuates that she gave the Ranger All-Star a hummer. Hamilton is approached by an employee when he exits and is told that he should probably leave. He obliges by sneaking out through a side door, hopping a patio area fence and then getting “in a pretty beat up 4 door Ford sedan and drives off.”

Hamilton has not talked publicly since he had his press conference so there are no comments from him or the Rangers about some of these allegations. They have however moved forward from this and Hamilton has been evaluated and reevaluated to ensure that this season doesn’t turn out like 2009 and that his addiction becomes a distraction. The Texas Rangers have decided that it is in their best interest to hire someone, Shayne Kelley, to live in Josh Hamilton’s pocket and make sure that the guy doesn’t keep hurting himself.

There are a lot of problems with this situation. Why does he need anyone following him around anyways? And if they did decide that was in their organizations best interest then why not hire someone who is a drug addiction specialist? Not some slapdick scout that has worked with the University of Alabama’s team chaplain and was a minor league strength and conditioning coach for the Kansas City Royals. Kelley does have a strong Christian background but thus far God hasn’t saved Josh Hamilton from his addiction and he needs to take personal responsibility rather than be babysat.

The real travesty is that Hamilton has lost all the confidence that the Rangers used to have in him and it happened before he signed a contract extension. In the end these demons may keep Hamilton from getting the deal his athletic ability has earned him but if he could show that he can deal with this without an accountability partner. I hope for the best with this young MLB star but I have a problem with people giving up their problems to a being higher than themselves and taking no personal responsibility. It was Josh Hamilton who drank and it is Josh Hamilton who needs to get his shit together, not by himself but with a little help from those best suited for such circumstances.

We’ve seen it numerous times a public figure fucks up and comes out to face the media, alongside him is usually a supportive, beautiful wife but when Josh Hamilton came out to discuss Monday’s relapse Katie was nowhere to be found. Hamilton never directly spoke about her absence but did ask for everybody to “pray for me, pray for my family as we go through this difficult time.” He went on to say “I’ve put my wife through a lot in our marriage, and she’s a strong woman. But it’s time that I became the strong one in the relationship. Take responsibility and take the lead in making choices and stepping up to be the man I’m supposed to be and not continue to hurt her.”

Let us not forget that Hamilton went through something eerily similar in 2009. Hamilton got drunk at a bar in Tempe, Arizona and he decided it was a good idea to take multiple shots with some sexy young college coeds. He was extremely drunk, shirtless, posing for photos with these ladies grabbing his crotch, allowing them to take whip-cream shots off of his body and taking his own off the bosom of the chick with the biggest rack. I don’t know what else you would expect from a popular Arizona State hangout, Maloney’s Tavern, a fine institution also known as STDU. Hamilton tried to save face by admitting to his transgressions before the collage of pictures made their way onto the internet.

But why does it matter if a baseball player got drunk? It wouldn’t be the first time. . .

The problem is that Josh Hamilton nearly became a poster boy for young ball players toying around with drugs and alcohol. Hamilton was the number 1 overall selection in the 1999 draft by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and received a nearly $4 million signing bonus after joining the Princeton Devil Rays. He spent 200 with the Charleston River Dogs and before the 2001 season Hamilton and his parents were involved in an automobile accident and that is when the young ball player began abusing oxycontin. Hamilton would eventually be invited to the Devil Rays spring training in 2003 but he was often absent or tardy leading to his reassignment to the minors.

Hamilton would later take the entire 2003 season off for “personal reasons” and was hoping for another shot in 2004. Hamilton would be suspended for 30 days before the season for failing two or more drug tests after being admitted to the MLB’s substance abuse program. In the MLB a “failed” drug test means that the urine or blood sample tested positive for a drug more severe marijuana. Hamilton would later admit his drug use included pharmaceutical pain killers, ecstasy, cocaine and alcohol among other things. In an interview Hamilton spoke about his drug of choice, “the cocaine gave me that adrenaline rush. It was easy to keep doing it when I was away from baseball. . . That’s why I kept going back to it and kept going back to it and kept going back to it.”

Hamilton kept failing drug tests and his life was spinning out of control but he always thought about his passion for the game. Hamilton’s suspension would be increased many times over and he was absent from baseball from 2004 to 2006. He scratched and clawed his way out of addiction and turned towards a relationship with God and his wife. That’s why it’s so important to me that she hasn’t stood by her husband’s side like she did just a few years ago. In an interview with the Christian Post Reporter Katie Hamilton told their reporter that “Josh is a wonderful man, father and husband who happens to be human. We are all flawed and that’s why we need a Savior.”

Josh admitted “obviously I did something very wrong, that hurts me very deeply, too, but the biggest one is Katie. The question gets asked, ‘What if I saw something like that with her? Obviously, it stirs up a lot of thoughts. It’s tough.” Hamilton was honest with her and he reiterated that “Katie and I have a strong relationship, she told me she forgives me, and she meant it.” I think that the real difference between this relapse and the most recent one has been the accusations of a sexual relationship. I wouldn’t blame her if she couldn’t forgive him for fucking some “average looking” chick but if she can forgive his relapse once she can do it again. Katie sai it herself, “you can forgive- if you choose to do so. It really isn’t that difficult.”



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