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Posted: January 29, 2012 by Kodi in NCAA, Other

We all know the impact that Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks but not as much as Yuri Wright

This high school athlete was expelled from a New Jersey Prep school

Wright was still able to receive a scholarship but from who?

National Signing Day in college football is right around the corner, February 1, 2012, but there have already been multiple high school athletes who have already decided where they are going to enroll. There has been no bigger story than that of Yuri Wright a standout cornerback who played high school ball at Don Bosco Prep in Ramsey, New Jersey. He finished the football season but was later expelled for a fury of tweets from his account on a social networking site. Wright was part of the North Jersey Five a group of players from the area who representatives for the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, all of whom are highly recruited athletes.

Wright is a four start recruit who was ranked as the 7th overall cornerback and the 85th ranked player overall. He is a 6’2” 180 CB that has the skills and ability to flourish in both man to man and zone coverage. In his junior year of high school he had 45 tackles and 6 interceptions, two of which he returned for touchdowns. He has been compared to Antonio Rodgers-Cromartie by Rivals.com and is the Colorado Buffaloes first blue-chip CB to commit to since Lorenzo Simms in 2003. He has given the Buffs a hard verbal but the paperwork still hasn’t been signed. Wright was being recruited heavily by Rutgers, Notre Dame and Michigan. If you had asked people about where Wright would end up earlier this year nearly all scouts would agree that he would probably become a Wolverine.

So what happened?

Well according to some screenshots of Wright’s deleted Twitter account a lot. There was enough provocative, graphic in sexual nature and sometimes outright racist (who are we to judge) messages for him to get kicked out of school and have scholarship offers withdrawn. Michigan was the first to rescind its offer and there is speculation that Notre Dame pulled their offer extremely late in the process. There has been no confirmation by Notre Dame, Head Coach Kelly or Yuri Wright himself that the Irish did indeed pull the full ride scholarship to the young man, especially after you read what this kid was saying.

@YuriWright3 was young Mr. Wright’s Twitter handle before this debacle grew national attention and these are just a selection of his tweets dating back to January 7 of last year. Like many young men Wright’s body was exploding with testosterone and he proclaimed “I need some pussy man.” He also told a Michigan football fan to “Stfu (shut the fuck up) cause I didn’t even commit to ND you dickhead.”  I was unable to get a complete list of tweets so I will admit that I am limited to the screenshots provided by another website and maybe some of these following tweets are just a small sample size. In case you were wondering Wright’s Twitter account was private but it wasn’t made that way until long after he had accumulated over 1,500 followers, including many media members.

Wright, like many teenage boys, had women on his mind as well as a need to talk shit to fellow young men his age. The language used shouldn’t be seen as a surprise because these types of discussions happen in the locker room and are constantly debated among inner circles.

Nov 4 S/O (shoutout) to this dick ridin ass nigga right here @_________

Jul 26 @___________ Yeah you fuckin dum dick headed ass nigga I told you she was the worst you wanna listen to me now you see lmao (laugh my ass off)

Sep 6 Yo my pops just drove by and splash some jewish lady with mad water. . . . .

Dec 11 Yeah last night was the worst night man niggas aint do shit and that was my last night here. . . . .

I mean some of this stuff is just stupid juvenile teenager shit but when you are under the strict scrutiny of being a high profile athlete you need to know better. The sad part is these types of tweets are seen all of the time, the shit this kid said about women could infuriate almost anyone and leave a guy like me standing in applause. He didn’t even leave his mother out of it. . .

Jul 25 I can’t even trust my mother what makes you think ill ever be able to trust a bitch…..

July 26 Told my girl when she fuck me, betta fuck me good, cus if anotha girl could. . . She gone fuck me good. . .

Nov 11 I’m starving and I want some pussy right now

Nov 18 Its like I need pussy everyday to be satisfied going to school with a whole bunch of guys sucks

Nov 18 Say she aint a hoe but she far from a virgin…….

Dec 15 I need some pussy tonight man. . . .

Then he just starts flying off the handle reinforcing stereotypes

Dec 9 Imma marry me a bad ass white women someday!

Going all scientific on us,

Dec 5 So we learning about the pussy and the teacher tells me when a girls squirts that’s not an organism

I know that nobody is perfect but maybe if this kid spent more time on grammar as he did “learning about the pussy” he might be able to construct a sentence and know the difference between and orgasm and organism. He is however able to cyber stalk the “pussy” dumb enough to respond to such pathetic ploys.

Dec 15 You could she want you when she tellin you she single and in all her pic’s she suckin face with another nigga. . .

Oct 26 Lmao yo these bitches be fuckin lyin son like niggas don’t know lol I just laugh at these dum ass girls sometimes

And to top everything off he explains

Jul 31 I hate bitches that are weed whores… You know the bitches that would basically do anything just for a light up

I mean some of these tweets are bad enough but when you start divulging information about smoking weed or associating with “bitches” that are “weed whores” you are either a fucking idiot or incredibly ignorant. This kid is lucky that any institution was willing to take a risk on this guy and give him a full ride scholarship. After reading some of these tweets you see the reason why some of these other schools pulled out.

Wright’s sophomore teammate and RB at Bosco reportedly told Wright that “you got to watch what you put on the internet. If you think it can be looked at as a negative, it shouldn’t be out there. I told him and he made his own choices. It wasn’t the smartest decision.” Jabrill Peppers continued “but he’s just a high schooler, he’s not a man yet, he’s still growing. We make mistakes.” The kid is two years younger than Wright and he thinks he has the fucking right to preach? Where do kids these days get off? It sounds like Peppers had been listening in on a big boy conversation, probably between coaching staff, and decided to spew it all out in a big interview to some hack sports blog like Sportn-A-Mic.

Wright has taken the high road and in his first public response he told reporters that “hopefully, other people will learn from what happened to me and make smarter choices” Wright said. “My days with social media are over, I promise. No more Twitter. No more Facebook. I have a phone, and if I want to talk to someone now, I’m just calling or texting them.” Hopefully those texts aren’t provocative and he steers clear of the mirror shot in the bathroom showing his manhood to one of those other girls who would “she gone fuck him good!”

Any collegiate football program, no matter how prestigious, wouldn’t be ridiculed for finding themselves ashamed of Wright’s actions. I find it unbelievable that with all the limitations and regulations the NCAA has about phone calls and a complete ban of text messaging yet there are little to no restrictions surrounding Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks. Coaches aren’t allowed to make direct contact at all hours of the day on Facebook but they are able to initiate conversations through Direct Messaging on Twitter as long as they do not mention the player. It is confusing to understand just how the NCAA regulates social media networks but clearly there has been contact between players and teams are progressing.

There are rumors that Yuri Wright has gotten back into the social media networks and rejoined Twitter with the handle @YuriWright. Wright has been asked about the account by multiple reporters but when he discussed the issue with a Fighting Irish beat writer he told him that the account “is not legit” reinsuring him “that is not me.” I wouldn’t be surprised if it is some scumbag twenty-something or pathetic middle aged football fan attempted to garner his fifteen minutes of fame by creating an ingenious account like the one mentioned above.


@YuriWright? Could they have not been at least a little more creative and gone with @theWrighttouch or @SquirtnIzntNorgasm, something along those lines? No, they thought that the best way to gain notoriety by assuming someone else’s identity was simply putting an @ symbol in front of that players name verbatim. In the end it doesn’t matter because no matter who started the new Twitter handle there is no way that they would tweet more entertaining snippets in 140 characters or less. Yuri has pledged to the University and its officials that nothing like this will happen again and that this behavior wasn’t really him. I call bullshit! These tweets are this kid and maybe he can learn something from it and that’s why it won’t happen but realistically young Mr. Wright was being a star high school athlete acting like a prototypical douchebag. I was surprised to find out that he played cornerback and not wide receiver but I look forward to watching him closely over the next few years.


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