Tebow-vertime: The Play

Posted: January 10, 2012 by Kodi in NFL

Let the Tebowmania ensue

Broncos and Tebow shocked the world with what shall now be called The Play

Demaryius Thomas helped Tebow beat the Steelers with HIS ARM

Once again Tim Tebow has shown that he is the true saviour of the Denver Broncos and the similarities between the young QB and JC are becoming undeniable. Many of you have read this websites most popular article (Here it is if you haven’t http://sportn-a-mic.com/2011/12/13/and-on-sunday-tim-tebow-was-born/) where I describe the similarities between young Timothy and Jesus Christ Himself. There were numerous haters disgusted with the attention Tebow and his unconventional play was getting from the most casual NFL fans to the douche bags at the evil empire shoving it down our throats day after day. Tebow and the Broncos basically backed in to the playoffs losing their final three games and like JC people thought Tebowmania and the Broncos were all but dead. Tim and the Broncos would not allow the Book of Tebow to be closed with out one last miracle and that came in the Wild Card rounds final game between the Broncos and Steelers.

We have heard from many that Tebow couldn’t cut it and there were rumors that back-up QB Brady Quinn had even been taking first team reps coming into this playoff game against Pittsburgh. John Elway had become more like Thomas the Doubter than the President of Football operations giving any media member that would listen enough ammunition to cut down any accomplishments Tebow has had coming into his first playoff start. But young Timothy stood strong and proud while his career with the Broncos however much in doubt was completely resurrected after the 2nd quarter of the game just as Christ had left the tomb Tebow exposed his passing ability to the world in a fashion that would make even the big guy upstairs blush.  The game resulted in an overtime performance that may have surpassed the drive as the greatest moment in playoff history with “the play.”

The game started off poorly for the Broncos who had two straight three and outs accumulating just 8 total yards in the first quarter while the Steelers jumped out to an early 6-0 lead. Tebow and the Broncos offense exploded for 20 points in the 2nd quarter the most points that they had scored in any quarter all season long. The lead lasted all the way into the 4th quarter but Big Ben and the Steelers fought back to tie the game at 23 forcing the very first overtime game under new playoff rules. The new rule which isn’t to be used during the regular season states:

Each team must possess or have the opportunity to possess the ball unless the team that has the ball first scores a touchdown on its initial possession. 

Meaning that rather than teams getting into field goal range and shutting their offense down, teams are forced to go for a touchdown on their first drive, otherwise their opponents could get the ball back and potentially beat them with a touchdown of their own.

It didn’t seem to matter. Tebow got the ball after the Steelers called Tails and a strong gust of wind somersaulted the referee’s coin to land on Heads. The Broncos got the ball and on the very first play Tim Tebow threw the ball deep down the middle and hit WR Demaryius Thomas in stride. Thomas would eventually stiff arm away a defender and scamper all the way into the end-zone for an 80 yard game-winning overtime touchdown catch. It took all but 11 seconds for the Broncos to absolutely stun the Steelers and Tebow did it with his arm not his legs. Pittsburgh had stacked 8 men in the box on first down as Tebow and the Broncos consistently ran the ball on nearly every first down attempt. With the box stacked and the Safety playing close to the line of scrimmage Tebow saw his opportunity and took it.

Coming into the game the Steelers had the number 1 overall ranked defense with the NFL’s best pass defense and 8th ranked rush defense. The Steelers have not allowed a 300+ yard passer since Tom Brady did it against them on November 14, 2010. Tim Tebow threw for 300+ yards for just the 2nd time in his career finishing the game 10-21 for 316 yards, 2 touchdowns, a 125.6 passer rating and added another 50 yards and 3rd touchdown on 10 carries. Tebow averaged 15.05 yards per attempt which ranks 5th in NFL history among QB’s with at least 10 attempts in a playoff game.

It was all about the long ball against the Steelers and Tebow connected on 6 of 11 passes that were 15 yards downfield or more. Those 6 completions accumulated 276 of his 316 yards and his 2 touchdown passes. What is even more surprising is that in the last 3 weeks of the season Tebow was 4-22 with 125 yards, 1 touchdown and 3 interceptions in the same category. It was the first time all season that the Steelers allowed a QB to throw 2 touchdown passes and gave up just 6 all season long. They also allowed just 6 catches of 30 yards or more and on Sunday the Broncos completed 5 passes over that mark.

“I think a lot of different guys stepped up and made plays, including [Demaryius Thomas].” Tebow told reporters after the game. “He just did a great job. I think the coaches coached him up well this week on how to attack the corners and giving him a lot of different looks, with splits, with timing, with the different play actions, double moves, and he did a great job with it and just made a bunch of big plays.” I’d say so, Thomas ended up catching 4 balls for 204 yards and 1 touchdown. It was the 7th best receiving game by any player in postseason history and just a few yards behind Calvin Johnson’s big performance just the night before. His 51 yard average per catch is the most in playoff history of any receiver with 3 or more receptions.

The Steelers played well and another 4th QB comeback by Big Ben Roethlisberger had many Denver fans on edge wondering if it was another performance of heroics by an gritty Pittsburgh QB. Ben was hobbled by his left ankle injury and was hit 6 times on top of being sacked 5 times but he still had his team in it until the end. He finished the game 22-40 for 289 yards and a big touchdown to WR Jericho Cotchery but he also threw an interception. He struggled however to get it to his main offensive weapon WR Mike Wallace. Wallace scored on a 1 yard end-around becoming the first Steelers WR in postseason history to rush for a touchdown but he had just 3 catches for 26 yards on 10 targets. Antonio Brown added another 70 yards on 5 catches but it was Emmanuel Sanders who led the team in receiving with 6 catches for 81 yards. Isaac Redman filled in for Rashard Mendenhall splendidly carrying it 17 times for 121 yards but couldn’t score.

In the end the Broncos were too much for Pittsburgh to endure and they were ultimately led to be the sacrificial lamb in the Book of Tebow. Tim will take his team to New England to face off against the Patriots where many will doubt this team from Denver but it seems that anything could happen.

  1. Greg says:

    Tebow still is horrific on short and intermediate throws from the pocket,except for a few gems here and there, like the play. I have said all along he has a good deep ball if he has time to execute his long wind-up and release. He needs to improve on his short and mid range game from the pocket if he is going to beat the Pats. Teams should play cover 2 and let him beat you with his legs. He won’t be able to do this agianst high scoring offenses. He ran for over 100 yards and 2 touchdowns last time they played and the game wasn’t even close. Look for New England to play him the same way and get an easy win. The Steelers were too aggressive and gave him no respect as far as the passing game goes. They paid for it. You might want to take it easy on the Jesus refrences Kodi.

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