Can Tim Tebow Be The Broncos Saviour???

Posted: January 8, 2012 by Kodi in NFL

He already is and I think that he may just be adding to the legacy of Tebow

This is a game where one of the worst offenses is playing against the leagues best defense but

Pittsburgh has had a lot of injuries hit their team in these final few weeks, can they survive?

The 8-8 Denver Broncos will welcome the 12-4 Pittsburgh Steelers as the Tim Tebow led squad backed their way into the AFC West division title and the right to host a playoff game. Denver started 1-4 and new Head Coach John Fox had immense pressure to get their young messiah QB into the game and after such a poor start there was no more denying Tim Tebow. Luckily with Tebowmania came worldwide press coverage and a miraculous 7-1 stretch even JC himself may have been jealous of. Denver has however lost their last 3 games and literally backed into this playoff berth but scales are still tipped towards the Mile High City as they are facing an extremely injury riddled Pittsburgh Steeelers squad. Pittsburgh has played extremely well all season long but the wheels have started to fall off after QB Ben Roethlisberger suffered an extreme ankle injury and RB Rashard Mendenhall was lost for the season with a torn ACL.

The injuries don’t stop there for Pittsburgh as they will also be without their starting Center Maurkice Pouncey. The Steelers had been having a disappointing season by Mendenahall before he tore his ACL rushing 228 times for just 928 yards and scored 9 rushing touchdowns. He is going to be replaced by RB Isaac Redman as Mewelde Moore is also banged up so Pitt’s 14th ranked rush offense will be completely on the shoulders of a back-up. Redman has rushed the ball 110 times for 479 yards and 3 touchdowns, while 19 of those carries came against Cleveland in week 17. Redmand had rushed for 92 yards in that game and scored a touchdown but he had also lost two fumbles and that can’t happen against Denver.

The Broncos have the NFL’s best rushing attack and no other team has ran the ball more than Denver who average 164.5 rushing yards per game. In RB Willis McGahee’s first year in Denver he had one of his most productive seasons in his 9 year career. The 20 year old rushed the ball 249 times for 1199 yards but scored just 4 rushing touchdowns but had 10 rushes of 20 yards or more, showing that the old man can still do it. Knowshon Moreno has been nothing but disappointing and he was lost for the year early on and the Broncos filled in their back-up role with Lance Ball. Ball played admirably rushing 96 times for 402 yards and scored once and 25 of his 96 rushes went for first downs but we all know why Denver boasts the best rushing offense. Tim Tebow. Tebow has pulled down and rushed the ball 122 averaging 5.4 yards per carry, breaking 5 runs of 20 yards plus, scoring 6 touchdowns and running for 660 yards.

Tim Tebow however struggles terribly with his pass offense, so much so that there were rumors that John Fox allowed back-up QB Brady Quinn first team reps in preparation for their bought with the Steelers. Tebow has a problem completing even the simplest of passes and has a 46.5 pass completion percentage which is more than 25 percent less than the league leader. He is 126-271 throwing for 1729 yards, 12 touchdowns and throwing 6 picks but the young man averages just a mere 107 passing yards per game, kind of an unfathomable stat for a QB starting in a home playoff game. His leading WR is former Minnesota Golden Gopher Eric Decker who caught 44 balls for 612 yards and 8 touchdowns but it has been the play of WR Demaryius Thomas in these past few weeks who Tebow seems to have banked upon. Denver’s offense is dead last in pass attempts, 2nd to last in passing yards but they are 8th in interceptions because Tim Tebow hasn’t taken big risks with his arm but he is going to have a short leash in this game against Pittsburgh but it doesn’t help that he was 6-22 for 60 yards against the Chiefs in a 7-3 loss during week 17.

The Steelers have been one of the best teams in the NFL for the last decade and seem to always be in the hunt but this year it will be surprising to see how they do against so much adversity. The left ankle injury to Big Ben is really detrimental, especially after losing their star RB, but Roethlisberger has been absolutely terrible since getting hurt. Since he nearly broke his leg, resulting in his ankle injury, Big Ben has thrown for 551 yards, no touchdowns and 3 interceptions while looking completely immobile in the pocket an unable to buy himself any extra time. In the end the Steelers still had a top 10 pass offense and Roethlisberger broke the 4000 passing yards threshold for just the 2nd time on his way to the 2nd best season of his career. He has two great WR’s that can stretch the field and open things up underneath for TE Heath Miller. Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown both had more than 1100 receiving yards and both had 18 catches of 20 yards or more but Wallace had 8 touchdowns to Brown’s 2 and the two combined for 141 of Big Ben’s 341 completed passes.

This game will not be about the offense unless somehow Ben had a bionic ankle implant between week 16 and now. Rather this game is going to be a defensive struggle with two of the best squads in all of the NFL. The Steelers actually have the best ranked defense in all the land allowing just 227 points, 4348 offensive yards, 264 first downs, all of which were league lows. They have the best pass defense allowing just 2751 yards and only 15 passing touchdowns but with Tebow under Center I’m not too sure Denver fans are really that worried. Pittsburgh also has the 8th ranked rush defense and have allowed just 7 touchdowns on the ground which would normally lead the league but San Francisco had the best season in rush defense history. The Steelers will be without S Ryan Clark, their leading tackler, who suffers from a blood disorder called Sickle Cell Anemia which nearly killed him the last time Pittsburgh played in Denver.

The Broncos defense has been able to keep them in games but on paper they really don’t blow your mind. They have allowed 390 points, ranks 24th in the NFL, 5725 yards, 20th, have the 18th ranked pass defense and 22 ranked rush defense and have just 18 turnovers more than just 4 other teams. Really there must be some other unstoppable force that has helped propel the Broncos into the Playoffs but what matters now is that they are here and this is a winnable game for them. The brightest spots on the Bronco’s defense has been the play of rookie LB Von Miller who recorded 64 tackles and 11.5 sacks, 1 interception and 8 tackels for loss in his first season in the NFL. DE Elvis Dumervil has also been a force recording 9.5 sacks of his own and as a team the Broncos have 41 total sacks.

Pittsburgh is still favored by 8.5 points and yet again many are doubting whether or not Tim Tebow can be a successful QB in the NFL. I however am a believer and think that this may be just another miraculous chapter in the Book of ‘Bow and with the lingering injuries to the Steelers that Denver may surprise many. I know that this is an unconventional pick as Big Ben is 13-3 all-time in the playoffs but this isn’t a healthy Roethlisberger or Steelers team for that matter. There are just too many hurdles for the Steelers to overcome and I think that the Broncos squeak by with a 20-17 victory behind their lord and saviour Jesus Christ, I mean Tim Tebow.

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    you sure got this one right!!

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