Marquette beats UWM and proves to be the best team in the city of Milwaukee

Posted: December 23, 2011 by jkdalemu in BBall, NCAA

DJO fouls out and Jae Crowder has a sub par night.  These are story lines from games where Marquette loses games.  Instead Marquette beats University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and prove to be the best team in the city of Milwaukee, along with the state of Wisconsin. Surprising night of scoring from the normally pass first Junior Cadougan as he added 15 points 7 rebounds and only 1 assist.

Junior Cadougan played his best offensive game of the year in scoring, but what was surprising was his inability to distribute.  Typically he can drive and dish and pick up some assists, but his ability to facilitate was really held in check.  Another suprise for the game was Jamil Wilson contributing 8 points.  Davante Gardner was also in double digits and was very key in building the 2nd half lead as the ball went through him on a number of posessions.

Quick thoughts from the game…

  • Tony Meier is my hero.  I am not sure if he is normally a good shooter, but he was 0-9 from 3 point range air balling a few attempts
  • I have respect for James Haarsma as I could tell he was affecting Jae Crowder’s game.  He was bothering him defensively and just altering a number of drives to the hoop
  • Todd Mayo and Vander Blue were non factors.  This is a concerning trend that is starting.
  • Marquette was only 2-11 from long range.  This needs to improve as the level of competition improves.
  • I am torn by Derrick Wilson’s play.  I like him defensively, especially as a freshmen, but I don’t see a lot of offense from him
  • Davante Gardner is beast.  The guy gets fouled on nearly every possession when he attacks the hoop.  And to make that count, he can make his free throws
  • Buzz is going to get a technical some  day for running too far out on the floor, or pissing the refs off.  On a foul call that he disagreed with, he had the ball and set it down on the floor and walked away.  The refs had to come down and get it.
  • 3 technical fouls called, and probably some of the most high school level officiating I have seen in a while


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