Wait… we lost? To LSU? In Basketball? Stop lying to me….

Posted: December 20, 2011 by jkdalemu in BBall, NCAA

While talking to another fan about yesterday’s game, it came to my attention he wasn’t able to watch the game.  He was travelling, got home very late and being smartphone-less, he had to wait until this morning to look up the box score online.  After looking up the stats, all he could say was what happened?  Didn’t LSU lose to Coastal Carolina?

The Marquette Golden Eagles went down to LSU and played one of their worst games defensively and offensively of the year and ended up dropping their first game of the year.  After getting up to ranked 10th in the country, the Golden Eagles are sure to drop.  Now while I would love to say Marquette gave away this game (like their 13-0 lead to start the game), but LSU really outplayed Marquette in my opinion.  They were couldn’t miss from 3 and wouldn’t go away as Marquette would try to steal the momentum.

While it is early in the year, this loss will probably be one in the column of “Bad Losses” come March when determining seeds for the big dance.  Yes it was on the road, and yes our big man Chris Otule is hurt, but LSU is not a great team.  LSU has lost to some pretty bad teams this year.  Depending on how their season goes, this will most likely be their best win.

Some thoughts from the game

  • Wasted Jae Crowder’s best effort to date at Marquette
  • DJO was a no show in the 1st half. Not his best night either
  • Defense needs to improve perimeter defense before UWM on Thursday
  • Chris Otule is greatly missed.  Stats were amazing, but his presence is a game changer.
  • Need more from Mayo or Blue.  Cannot afford to have both of them off for a night
  • While this team is great at the line, we cannot rely on fouls getting called to stop runs from opponents, even though Gardner may think he gets fouled every possession (and I usually agree with him).



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