Posted: December 9, 2011 by dostlund84 in NFL, Pack It Up, Purple Pride

An expose on a lesser known financial conspiracy.

Digging deep into the financial woes of the Green Bay Packers.

Another meaning to green and YELLOW.

I had just finished stuffing myself with turkey from my early thanksgiving and I was ready to kick back and watch some football.  I tuned in just in time to see Clay Matthews hit Matthew Staffford on what was a borderline late hit.  I think it was a clean hit, but in the NFL today it would usually have warranted a flag.  Right after the play I said to my brother, “wow, if that had been a hit on Rodgers that would have been a flag”.  The Lions were forced to punt and on the very next series for the Packers, Kyle Vanden Bosch hit Rodgers in another borderline play which in my opinion was a clean hit.  I knew it was getting called.  Sure enough, here comes the yellow flag.  This alone wasn’t enough to even come close to making conspiracy claims.  It did however spark my interest into the strange amount of penalties the opposing teams had been getting.  Something was starting to stink in cheese town.

With the moldy fumes of a cheesy conspiracy wafting all the way to my MN home, it was time to do some research.  I couldn’t put up with it anymore.  Over the past 7 weeks, the Packers have had fewer penalties than their opponents in every game.  During this span, they have only 31 penalties called on them.  Their opponents have racked up a whopping 60 penalties, the same amount the Packers have on the season!  The Packers have nearly half the penalties as the league leading Oakland Raiders who have 119 compared to the Packers 60.  The Packers opponents have the same amount of penalties called against them in the past seven weeks as the Colts opponents have had called all season, 60.  The packers only have 2 games this season where they committed more penalties then their opponent.  These statistics clearly reveal a conspiracy; the league is assisting the Packers in their attempt to go undefeated.  This led me to my next question, WHY?

As you all know in 2010 the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl.  In the teams’ latest financial report the Packers’ operating profit for the 2010 fiscal year (ending March 31, 2010), was $9.8 million, down from $20.1 million the year prior. The primary reason for the decline, despite a $10.1 million increase in overall revenue, was a $22.1 million jump in player costs, which increased 15.9 percent from $138.7 million to $160.8 million. It marked the third consecutive year that operating profits declined, from $34.2 million (2007) to $21.4 million (2008) to $20.1 million (2009) to $9.8 million (2010).  That is an average decrease of $8.1 million dollars a year.  At this same pace their operating profits project to $1.7 million in (2011) and a loss of $6.4 million dollars in (2012).  I know it is inconceivable that a NFL team could lose money, but the Dolphins and Jaguars lost money last season.  The Jaguars were just sold.  The NFL does not want to see the Packers go under they are a storied franchise in the history of the NFL.

The Packers best way to increase profits is a Lambeau Field renovation and that is their plan.  They are going to add 6,700 seats and add new video boards for the 2013 season.  The projected costs are $143 million.  The Packers are publicly owned and put their profits into long term saving for stadium renovations and give back the rest to the community.  Since 1985 they have only given a little over $2 million back to the community.  This should mean they have plenty saved to renovate the stadium.  WRONG, they have squandered a lot of their savings through poor investing in the stock market and a lot of money gets eaten up in the large bureaucracy that includes the Packers board of directors and other unnecessary administrative positions.  This means they have to raise the $143 million dollars from the community with a “stock” sale, a stock that pays zero dividends and has zero resale value as it can only be transferred among family as gifts.  It is essentially a volunteer tax and you get a playful little piece of paper that claims itself as a stock certificate but really is not stock in the conventional meaning.

The NFL has been assisting in the “stock” sale by increasing the relevancy of the Packers, helping them dominate the league with bullshit penalties.  This in turn increases the demand for the “stock” and keeps adding “investors” to the fan base.  It is working; in the first two days of the sale they have raised $43 million dollars.  The sad thing is, the Packers could be dominating the league all on their own just because of how good Rodgers has been playing.  It is unfortunate that we will never know if the Packers could of gone legitimately undefeated this season because their record is tainted with bullshit YELLOW flags, giving a new meaning to green and YELLOW.


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