Facebook + High School Athletes = FAIL

Posted: December 9, 2011 by Kodi in Other

Seriously have you ever played wet biscuit? I hope not. . .

How a Facebook post could lead to expulsion and jail

and how parents Facebooking can have effects on high school athletes

There has been a lot of turmoil about hazing since the death of a FAMU drum major last month but last week I stumbled upon a story very few have covered. Not only does it involve hazing but it includes the wonderful world of social media and our society’s obsession, including myself, of displaying every thought on a public forum. I however am an adult, or so I’m told by my mother, and these great stories all involve the all-knowing high school teenager.

The first story involves a high school basketball team from Andover, Massachusetts who created a Facebook group to organize against hazing claims made by their school. Head Coach and Phy Ed teacher David Fazio learned about one of his players who participated in a game called “wet biscuit” and helped that boy report the incident to police, school officials and his parent. This poor kid had to explain his terrible debacle not once, not twice, but over 4 different times and some people wonder why victims stay silent.

So what is this wet biscuit game? Allegedly the ringleaders of the boys basketball team, two young men specifically, organized all of the underclassmen to align in a circle. They were all forced to disrobe and begin to masturbate. Essentially the game was to ejaculate on a cookie and the last person who hasn’t ejaculated has to EAT THE COOKIE! I thought that stamina was a good thing, I guess blowing your load after 30 seconds isn’t all bad . . . Anyone want to play wet biscuit?

This hazing incident happened during a summer basketball camp in July at, you guessed it another college campus, Stonehill College in Easton, Mass. The police investigation is ongoing, or at least it was until the cops found out about the basketball teams “secret” Facebook page. On that page there were 17 members of the basketball team and they criticized the investigation and organized team meetings to discuss how to cover this incident up. “Just don’t talk about anything and we can fix this” one player said, while another called the allegations “bullshit” and urged it’s members to meet at “Dunn gym right after school”.

Too bad for the kids a parent saw this Facebook page on their son’s computer and sent it directly to the police department. The investigation is being handled by the Easton police who are working directly with the Bristol County District Attorney’s office and State Attorney General Martha Coakley. “Our office reviewed this matter and spoke with the relevant parties to ensure appropriate cation was taken” a spokeswoman for Coakley said. Easton Police Chief Allen Krajcik said that the investigation is ongoing an “we are taking it seriouslym doing our due diligence”. The two ringleaders have been expelled and another 5 members of the team and Facebook page have been suspended, while two of the victims have moved to other school districts.

It didn’t stop there, after a quick Google search I found another story involving more high school aged athletes who were expelled after making comments on Facebook. Two high school football players form Vermilion, Ohio were ousted from school and face criminal charges after attacking their coach and his family. Detective Dean Mayer of the Vermilion PD said that their department has never had a Facebook related crime. “This is something new for us even. We took the case and took it to the Erie County juvenile prosecutor, had them review it, an came up with the charge of aggravated menacing” Mayer explained.

The boys were pissed that their coach “ended the year on a lie” one of the boys said, “just like the jerseys, the pants, the deal he was going to sign with Nike, and us probably getting cleats” another chimed in. “OHH and don’t forget the purple turf” the student continued “ha”. It seems as if the ol’ ball coach had embellished some future endorsements of his team and these players were pissed. They responded by making multiple Facebook posts:

Kid 1: “I want to murder him”

Kid 2: “first degree ;0”

Kid 1: “They would have to make up another charge for what id[sic] do to him”

These kids continued their rants declaring their hatred for the coach and one of them said they would break into his house and rape his wife. The Schools superintendent Phil Pempin immediately put the boys on a 10-day suspension which was eventually followed by their expulsion. “Unfortunately you don’t know whether anyone is going to make true on their threats” Pepin told reporters “this puts a school district in a situation where, what would happen if those students made good on those threats?” The boys have also been charged with aggravated menacing, which is a first-degree misdemeanor in  Ohio and may be punishable by probation or time in a juvenile detention center.

There are even worse cases involving high school athletes and Facebook, like attempted child rape. In April a Catholic school sports director was arrested and charged with unlawful contact with a minor, promoting prostitution and attempted corruption of minors. Francis Murphy, 39, of Bryn Mawr, New Jersey was the AD at Archbishop Carrol High School and was caught offering a young male athlete gifts in exchange for sexual favors. How did the police catch Murphy? They took over the boy’s Facebook account and Murphy told the boy he wanted to be his “sugar daddy”. Seriously Facebook is going to be the death of us. Oh I almost forgot the guy was arrested in a local Ice Cream Parlor, how fucking perfect.

This last story is great because it was a mother complaining about her son’s messy room on Facebook that led to the school’s forfeiture of 3 wins. Her Facebook post was tagged with a location, which wasn’t in the county that her son played football in and that’s when the Tennessee School Athletic Association started an investigation. Surprisingly a school athletic association doesn’t seem to be as credible as the police department and it was eventually ruled that the Facebook update came from her work computer and they do in fact live in the county in which the boy plays football for. The Athletic Association however is unwilling to give the 3 wins back to the football team and have basically told the team their shit out of luck.

And this folks is why you don’t post everything on Facebook. Seriously though the whole wet biscuit gag is fucking great, extremely gross and unexpected, but I would guess that Frat boys around the country may be using this hazing technique during pledge week. As for the kids who wanted to rape their coaches wife, that was just a joke blown out of water because it’s in text and reads much worse than if it were said in the high school hallway. If all the shit I said was documented in text, I’m pretty sure that A. I would never be married B. I would have no friends C. I would be in jail or one of those “pray the gay away” facilities and D. I wouldn’t be able to write these great articles.


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