Pujols Situation Shitty For All Those Involved? Except For Albert and His Agent Of Course

Posted: December 8, 2011 by Kodi in MLB

Adios St. Louis!

Albert Pujols has just signed the 2nd largest contract in baseball history

Nobody is surprised that he got a huge contract, but this big and to the Angels?

This may turn out to be a bad move for all of those involved but only time can tell

If you’ve been living under a rock or are one of those “I’m not a big baseball person” then you don’t know that the MLB is in the middle of their annual winter meetings and the biggest story has been where 1B Albert Pujols will end up. The 2012 free agent class is quite impressive including fellow 1B Prince Fielder but bar none Pujols was the pick of the litter. Albert is coming off of his 2nd World Series victory on a team whose manager retired, Tony LaRussa. The future Hall of Famer wanted to test the free agency market which every player of his caliber should do.

It has to feel great as a player to have teams get into a bidding war for your services, it’s got to feel even better when the contract you are supposed to sign is a 10 year around $200 million contract but in the end is a 10 year $250-60 million contract. That is exactly what happened with The Machine over the last few days. The Miami Marlins made a splash earlier this month by signing former Mets SS Jose Reyes. They were allegedly in pursuit of Pujols for a contract around $200 million over 10 years and the fans were ready to claim their World Series title.

The Miami Marlins had revamped their team name, switching from Florida to Miami, revitalized their logo and mascot with a little Latino flare. The fans on South Beach were ready for a baseball team that would be able to get fans into the stadium and receive almost as much coverage as the Heat. The problem was money and there was a situation brewing between the Marlins and SS Hanley Ramirez, who was supposed to shift to 3B with the signing of Reyes. Ramirez had no problem moving over but he did have a problem doing it without restructuring his deal to get paid like a 3B and not a SS.

The biggest hiccup between the Marlins and Pujols was that Miami was unwilling to include a no-trade clause in his contract and their offer was significantly less. However those who follow free agent signings know that the tax situation in Florida is much more beneficial for these millionaires and the $210 million in Miami could be near $240 elsewhere. Pujols seemed to have made up his mind that Miami wasn’t the place for him a few days ago and the Marlins began their pursuit of P C.J. Wilson. All signs pointed to Albert returning to St. Louis but on Thursday morning he made a call to his agent and gave Dan Lozano the good news.

Lozano is one of the biggest names among MLB sports agents and when he left the Beverly Hills Sports Council last year he took with him all of his players. They include players like Pujols, as well as Alex Rodriguez, Michael Young, Brian Wilson, Carlos Beltran, Joey Votto, Jimmy Rollins among others. A few weeks ago it seems that somebody with a close relationship to Lozano decided to fill multiple manila envelopes and sent some interesting allegations to the biggest sports media outlets in the country, Sport’n A Mic did not receive one of those packages.

Lozano allegedly told clients and colleagues that he got his start after earning a law degree from USC and playing on their division 1 baseball team in 1990. All of that information was a complete fabrication and he doesn’t even have an undergraduate degree. There is a rumor that he was arrested in 1995 outside of Camden Yards for selling tickets that rookie Curtis Goodwin gave to his agent. He was allegedly sprung from the holding cell underneath the stadium by a fully clothed Brady Anderson and a call to Louis Angelo, the Oriole’s owners son, Lozano was let go without any charges.

The biggest contract of his young career came when he got C Mike Piazza a 7 year $91 million deal with the New York mets. Lozano allegedly hired professional escorts to woo his players and he would eventually garnish the name “Danny the Chameleon” from Piazza. Some are worried that Lozano’s skeptical practices may actually have put Pujols in danger, as he had embraced a devout Christian persona while he was around Pujols and when their professional relationship came to fruition in the early 2000s.  A former co-worker said that “you kind of accept that you’re getting into the sleaze” talking about sports agents because “it’s a sleazy world. But Danny was King of Sleaze Mountain”.

It seems that Lozano has done it again after getting A-Rod what would be the biggest contract in MLB history he has surprised everyone. It seems like the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim gave Lozano a call just a few days ago and negotiations quickly snowballed into a 10 year $254 million deal for Pujols, with the no-trade clause Albert wanted so badly. It seems that Pujols turned his back on the team he has spent his entire career with hitting 445 HRs, knocking in 1329 RBIs, had 2073 hits in 6312 at bats, with career averages of .328/.420/.617 while walking 975 times and striking out 704 times. He has been the best hitter in baseball whose name hasn’t been tainted by the “s” word, Steroids, but he is 31 and this may end up being a good thing for all teams involved.

Pujols had his worst season since entering the MLB in 2001 hitting under .300 for the first time with the 2nd lowest HR total in his career, 37, worst RBI total of his career, 99, and lowest slug percentage, .541. Pujols isn’t getting any younger and the Angels will have Pujols on contract until 2021. Albert will likely continue to produce similar numbers to his worst season, which by any other player is a phenomenal year, but what about 5-6 years from now? Pujols has signed a contract that has him playing for the Angels until he is 41 years old but what type of numbers do we expect from a player of his level during the sunset of his career. Unless he starts pumping ‘roids, it is likely going to be a difficult situation for the Angels but their ready to win now.

They had won 86 games last season but their offense was lacking, Pujols signing immediately improves their lineup. Did I mention that the Angels also decided to sign LHP C.J. Wilson to a 5 year $77.5 contract? That tells me that the Angels are looking to get a couple of rings in the next 5 years and will eat Pujols contract after their success, hopefully. The Angels already had 10-1 odds in Las Vegas to win the 2012 World Series but after these two signing they have become tied with the front-running Phillies with 7-2 odds.

St. Louis fans are pissed and rightfully so, but how much of a discount was Pujols supposed to give the Cardinals. Reports have St. Louis offering Pujols a deal that could have been $30-40 million less than the deal he signed with the Angels. How is someone supposed to turn down a 20-25% pay increase? I can nearly guarantee that any person who could switch their jobs doing the exact same thing for that big of a pay increase wouldn’t turn it down and Pujols would be seen as a mad man if he turned it down. Of course he would have probably immediately had a statue made of him in St. Louis but that has already happened so what else is there to stick around for? Hopefully they don’t chisel his name as Pujol$ as so many Cardinals fans have on varying sports media outlets but undoubtedly the Angels are going to be a team to watch in 2012.


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