Makeover in Miami

Posted: November 30, 2011 by AisoRed in MLB

Billy the Marlin

Earlier this month, the Florida Marlins unveiled their new franchise name, the Miami Marlins.

Along with the new name came a new color scheme. Out with the teal and pinstripes and in with the flamboyant orange.

Today, the Marlins released their next embarrassing transformation.

Billy the Marlin, the team’s 8-foot tall mascot, was expected to undergo modification. In fact, most people expected to see the new Billy back when the new uniforms were being modeled to the public. But when he didn’t show up, Sean Flynn, Marlins vice president of marketing, assured us: “He is here. He will be back, and there are no dramatic changes for Billy, just some color adjustments.” 

You can’t be serious. You spend millions of dollars renaming your team, building a brand new stadium, and dramatically altering your colors, but you can’t give Billy a face lift? What took so long to put that vibrant orange jersey on him and stick the new Miami logo on the hat? What used to be a tolerable, fish-colored character is now just as lame as that purple dinosaur in Colorado.


If that isn’t bad enough, we learned back in October that there were plans for an elaborate sculpture to be installed in the new stadium. The sculpture is planned specifically for use during a Marlins player’s home run and contains moving parts and flashing lights. Think of the beach, combined with a shady carnival and double rainbows, and we’d get something like this photo, released by the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs.

Miami Sculpture

But not everything is bad about the new ballpark. I’m still on the fence about the idea of an aquarium along the backstop. It plays into Miami’s culture and location, but I’m not sure how distracting it will be for the players. The retractable roof, however, was a much needed feature. With all of the rain postponements in Florida, it will be reassuring for fans to know they can buy tickets for a game and there won’t be any delays due to weather.

In the Hot Stove news, the Marlins seem to be interested in every big name free agent: Jose Reyes, Prince Fielder, Albert Pujols, and C.J. Wilson to name a few. They will make a big splash in the free agent market in attempt to build suspense for the start of next season, but it remains to be seen who they are actually serious about signing. Sure the fans will turn out for the 2012 season, but how long until they lose interest? Will these new colors grow old quickly? What about the shenanigans in their new park? It’ll be cool at first, but it won’t be long until Miami’s fanbase realize they are the laughingstock of Major League Baseball.


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