The Dumb Money: Turkey Edition

Posted: November 23, 2011 by Kodi in Dumb Money

Gobble Gobble Motherfuckers! Here is the Thanksgiving edition of The Dumb Money

The person with the most correct answers will WIN A PRIZE!

Enter for Free and test your luck

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Favorite Spread Underdog
Green Bay


At Detroit Ndamukong Suh said this week that the Packers aren’t perfect, and that the Lions are at their their level. This reminds me of a joke: What’s the difference between Neil Armstrong and Michael jackson? Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon, Michael Jackson like to molest young boys.    PACKERS
At Dallas


Miami The Cowboys will first make Miami look a little silly by insisting that the Dolphins wear their aqua blue uniforms, and then further the joke by making them play football. Yet, something stinks about this…    DOLPHINS
At Baltimore


San Francisco THE DUMB MONEY-SHOT OF THE WEEK: Who knew the TV Gods would grant such largess with this match-up. Not to mention it’s on just in time to loosen the belt and sleep off the turkey and cheap wine…    RAVENS
At St. Louis


Arizona Where some see a really bad matchup with no possible playoff implications, others see opportunity. I won’t be seeing either.    RAMS
At NY Jets


Buffalo The team that was supposed to be good will be hosting the team that was supposed to suck. Now both aren’t doing either very well. Except the Bills, who are supposed to suck but thought differently at the last second. That second has appeared to have followed Elvis out the building.   JETS
At Cincinnati


Cleveland I remember when 7.5 wasn’t the spread; it was the over/under.    BENGALS


At Jacksonville Texans OL Eric Winston said last week that Matt Lienart is a good friend of his, which is nice. Andre Johnson is still doubtful which isn’t that nice. Piss on it…. JACKSONVILLE


At Indianapolis The Colts are on a train that stops in Luckville and Carolina won’t be getting in the way.   CAROLINA
At Tennessee


Tampa Bay The Bucs hit an all-too familiar low this week when Tampa beat writer Gary Shelton stopped bitching that the teams sucks, opting to report that they’re bad people as well. It’s not like Aqib Talib is an asshole like Vike’s CB Chris Cook… Oh wait. And to think Raheem Morris stopped having Gary over for saltwater taffy and hot toddys.
At Atlanta


Minnesota While the Falcons have left Atlanta fans wanting, the Vikes have left us in Minnesota starving. At least we’re not Packers fans, which would would leave us scratching our herpes sores.    VIKINGS
At Oakland


Chicago Let the Caleb Hanie era begin! What? Orton got cut and wants to be a Bear? Really? Leave it to Chicago to give us a backup QB controversy.    RAIDERS
At Seattle


Washington Just when you think Rams/Cards will push the envelope of 3 hour excuses to ignore your wife, the NFL schedules Seahawks/Redskins. Seattle Fun Fact: If you repeat the words “Tavaris Jackson” three times in a mirror, he’ll come ruin your football team!   SEAHAWKS
New England


At Philadelphia How many hot models does a guy have to impregnate to get any respect in this spread? I mean, he’s no Ron Mexico, but jeez…  PATRIOTS
At San Diego


Denver Norv Turner always reminded me of a cross between drinking man’s humorist P. J. O’Rourke and brandy-swilling funnyman W. C. Fields. That’s because he looks like been smelling the gin blossoms since 8am. If he doesn’t stop this Tebow act, that’s very well where he may end up.   CHARGERS


At Kansas City To quote the guitar god and rock legend Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap: “This spread should go to 11… at least.”   STEELERS
At New Orleans


NY Giants I hate the Giants. Always have. Just do. So I never want to pick them, even though I should.    SAINTS
  1. padrewu says:

    Green Bay -6.5 At Detroit
    At Dallas -7 Miami
    At Baltimore -3 San Francisco
    At St. Louis -3 Arizona
    At NY Jets -8 Buffalo
    At Cincinnati -7.5 Cleveland
    Houston -3 At Jacksonville
    Carolina -3 At Indianapolis
    At Tennessee -3 Tampa Bay
    At Atlanta -9.5 Minnesota
    At Oakland -5 Chicago
    At Seattle -4 Washington
    New England -3 At Philadelphia
    At San Diego -6.5 Denver
    Pittsburgh -10.5 At Kansas City
    At New Orleans -7 NY Giants

    • Greg says:

      Green Bay -6.5 At Detroit GB
      At Dallas -7 Miami DAL
      At Baltimore -3 San Francisco SF
      At St. Louis -3 Arizona AZ
      At NY Jets -8 Buffalo NYJ
      At Cincinnati -7.5 Cleveland CLE
      Houston -3 At Jacksonville HOU
      Carolina -3 At Indianapolis CAR
      At Tennessee -3 Tampa Bay TB
      At Atlanta -9.5 Minnesota MN
      At Oakland -5 Chicago CHI
      At Seattle -4 Washington WAS
      New England -3 At Philadelphia NE
      At San Diego -6.5 Denver DEN
      Pittsburgh -10.5 At Kansas City PIT
      At New Orleans -7 NY Giants NYG

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