Marquette University wins the 2011 Paradise Jam

Posted: November 21, 2011 by jkdalemu in BBall, NCAA


The Marquette Golden Eagles survived a thriller with Norfolk State to win the Paradise Jam 2011 tournament.   The game got close and came down to the last possession keeping fans glued to the game.

After taking a big lead in the 1st half, the Norfolk State Spartans battled back in the second half to tie it.  Down by only 2, Norfolk State had the ball with the last possesion of the game.  After losing the handle on the ball, the ball skipped to a shooter alone in the corner.  Around the Milwaukee area there was a collective gasp for air as the 3 point shot went up, and a sign of relief as it bounced off the rim and the game ended.  While there were things in this game the Marquette Golden Eagles need to work on (generating offense against the zone, playing tighter defense at times), it’s very early in the year.  Lots of basketball to play and coach.  Norfolk State is better than what many will think and played Marquette hard.

As a new idea, I would like to highlight some of the non statistical parts of this game.  As the #MUBB following on twitter grows, there are some funny and stupid tweets during each game.  There are tweets that I complete agree with and there are other tweets where I have no idea what the author is saying, unless they are just being sarcastic and joking.  Here are some from tonights game

My favorite tweets from the game…

@MarquetteU tweeted “Just getting you warmed up for the rest of the season. #mubb #bloodpressurecheck” –!/MarquetteU/status/138826306895876098

@dmaciejewski tweets: “So, who else flatlined while that ball was in the air? #mubb“-!/dmaciejewski/status/138823347051048960

After the game was over, @CrackedSidewlks stated it best “Tom Crean would hang a banner for this win & that ashtray-like trophy. Buzz Williams has higher expectations for the program. #MUBB” –!/CrackedSidewlks/status/138825443666169856

Well after the game, while in the locker room, Davante Gardner tweeted “Me and Buzz after we won the championship #webechillindoe” –!/iGetBuckets_54/status/138833597774835712



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