Dumb Money Week 11 NFL Pick Em Contest

Posted: November 16, 2011 by Kodi in Dumb Money, Fantasy, NFL

Well, we put The Dumb into The Dumb Money once again. Congratulations to Greg for winning the week. To boost your ego, get your picks in. Guaranteed that you’ll feel smarter for doing it. . . .

Pick the Winners in the Comment thread below to compete or submit them through our DUMB MONEY FACEBOOK PAGE http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dumb-Money/122275771216743 If that’s easier for you!

Here’s this weeks games and the Favorite/Spread/Underdog

NY Jets -6 @ Denver: Rex Ryan didn’t want to bring it up, but he kept wondering how long it would be until one of his wide receivers shoot somebody, themselves, runs someone over with a car, etc. It’s the only thing keeping his mind of the Chocolate Wonderfall at Golden Corral.    JETS

@ Atlanta -6 Tennessee: The good news out of Atlanta is that the Falcons are going to try this week. There’s always a chance that they’re kidding. TITANS

@ Miami -7 Buffalo: Last week, Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby proclaimed himself the best in the league. I’m repeating it here because nobody heard him, and if they did, they didn’t care. BILLS

@ Baltimore -7 Cincinnati: Like everyone else, we at The Dumb Money continue to be impressed with saavy rookie QB Andy Dalton. However, I can’t forgo the opportunity to mention the phrase: “like a redheaded step-child.” RAVENS

Jacksonville -1 @ Cleveland: The Jaguars are the NFL’s Spinal Tap; lost, wandering around Paul Brown Stadium yelling “Hello Cleveland.” I’m the old janitor telling them to watch for the jog to the left…   BROWNS

Oakland -1 @ Minnesota: The Vikes did so much sucking at Lambeau that when Frazier looked for the game film, tube8.com was the only place it could be found. RAIDERS

@ Detroit -7 Carolina: There’s just nothing funny to say about sweaty grown men running about in skin tight powder blue get-ups until they bump into each other and fall down. Add some capes and we could call this The Freddie Mercury Bowl.    LIONS

@ Green Bay -14.5 Tampa Bay: Wow- Tampa is actually a bigger underdog at Lambeau than the Vikings were. Just didn’t know that was possible.   PACKERS

Dallas -7.5 @ Washington: Redskins defensive tackle Barry Cofield said that the Skins could “get very ugly. It could get historically ugly.” Look for history to repeat itself.   COWBOYS

@ San Francisco -9.5 Arizona: Cards coach Ken Whisenhunt tried to downplay any possibility of a quarterback controversy, saying “We don’t have a quarterback.”   49’ERS

@ St. Louis -2 Seattle: There’s nothing like a little T-Jack to make everyone from Vegas oddsmakers to Seahawk WRs miserable. Let’s give this The Dumb Money Shot of the Week.   RAMS

@ Chicago -3.5 San Diego: Even after the traditional 3-point home field advantage, the Bears are only favored by 3.5. After four straight loses by the Chargers, one has to wonder what Vegas knows that we don’t. But then again, we’re The Dumb Money…   BEARS

@NY Giants -4.5 Philadelphia: Some folks are questioning whether Vick will play, other folks are speculating if he actually broke his ribs. Doesn’t matter: This Dream Team is a Piece of Crap.   GIANTS

@ New England -15 Kansas City: New England can’t stop the pass and Kansas City doesn’t have a QB. So we guess it’s The Hoodie vs The Beard-    PATRIOTS




  1. Greg says:

    TB-Rodgers hasn’t beat the Bucs yet.

  2. padrewu says:

    NY Jets -6 At Denver:
    At Atlanta -6 Tennessee:
    At Miami -2 Buffalo:
    At Baltimore -7 Cincinnati
    Jacksonville -1 At Cleveland
    Oakland -1 At Minnesota
    At Detroit -7 Carolina
    At Green Bay -14.5 Tampa Bay
    Dallas -7.5 At Washington
    At San Francisco -9.5 Arizona
    At St. Louis -2 Seattle
    At Chicago -3.5 San Diego
    At NY Giants -4.5 Philadelphia
    At New England -15 Kansas City

  3. NY Jets
    Green Bay
    San Francisco
    St. Louis
    San Diego
    NY Giants
    New England

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