Don’t Get Your Hopes Up and McNabb isn’t the Antichrist

Posted: October 12, 2011 by vongrapenstein in NFL, Purple Pride

Kinda true, but I’d rather have one season of McNabb for a fifth-round pick than five seasons of Kolb for fifty million, a second-round pick, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.  Damn, does that look like a bad trade right now.

Before we begin this recap, one thing needs to be said above all else: The Arizona Cardinals are a bad football team.

Real bad.  2012 Republican Presidential nominee-bad.  Potato salad left in the sun all day, then smothered in rancid mayo, and left out in the sun for another day-bad.  Michael Jackson’s seminal hit “Bad”-bad.  Their offensive line is a turn-style, their quarterback is in over his head, their defense is green and dumb, and the Vikings 34-10 shellacking of them said much, much more about the Cardinals than it did about the Vikings.

Not to say the Vikings don’t deserve credit for embarrassing Arizona, though. Minnesota’s defense was a terror all day, with Jared Allen continuing his quest to be defensive player of the year and Brian Robison doing his best Jared Allen-impression. Adrian Peterson scored three first quarter touchdowns and finished with 129 rushing yards.  And Donovan McNabb, well…he didn’t turn the ball over.  Which is nice.

The game was a bore, though.  So let’s discuss the nimrods and nimrettes who booed McNabb periodically throughout the game and believe the Christian Ponder era needed to begin weeks ago, that the only thing standing in the way of a winning record is McNabb.

What are you people, stupid?

One, Christian Ponder is not ready.  He just isn’t.  In the preseason he was more likely to tuck and run or scramble in a circle than anything; he made Joe Webb look like a seasoned, professional quarterback.  Also, with the wide receivers the Vikings have (sans Percy Harvin), Ponder wouldn’t have much help.  He’ll get his chance eventually, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up getting booed too.  Anyone described as an “athletic Chad Pennington” is probably going to get booed at some point.

Two, Donovan McNabb, for all his shortcomings and for all his diminished skills, is still far and away the best quarterback on this roster – that’s not supposed to be a compliment.  He is not the reason the Vikings’ record is what it is; he’s one of the reasons, yes, but far down the list.  To put the whole mess on him, when he was brought here to manage games, is ridiculous.

And if you’re one of these delusional souls who is lying to themselves now and saying things like “9-7 could get a wild card this year,” and “we can turn this around,” then you want McNabb to play.

Basically, Donovan McNabb is not the antichrist, Vikings fans.  And Christian Ponder is not the messiah.

Three, don’t get your hopes up.  9-7 won’t get a wild card this year and Minnesota won’t turn this around.

Four, the Andrew Luck dream is dead, and that’s really all that matters now.  Oh, Andrew Luck; it’s not a question of if you’ll win a Super Bowl, but when.  And it could’ve been as a Viking if the team had played their cards right.  A memorial service for the dream will be held at dusk in Lorring Park.  Way to win a game, Vikings.  Hope you’re proud of yourselves: could’ve had Andrew Luck, goddamn morons had to go and win because of their “pride,” fuck pride I want Andrew Luck now fucking shit fuck…..

And way to boo McNabb when the team was up 28-3 at halftime, Vikings fans.  Hope you know how stupid you look.


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