Purple Pride: What a Succop

Posted: October 6, 2011 by Kodi in NFL, Purple Pride


The Chiefs???

What the Hell’s going on around here???

The Minnesota Vikings were able to disappoint themselves and their fans once again on Sunday. Minnesota came into the game 0-3 after blowing double digit leads in every game but the players and their fans were cautiously optimistic coming into their game with Kansas City. Minnesota’s struggles are obvious but they had more talent than the injury plagued Chiefs on the field.

It was nearly unimaginable that the Vikings would squander the opportunity to beat the piss out of a team teetering on mediocrity. It seemed that if the Vikings had any game that they could have circled as a W it was their away game against the Chiefs. The Vikings played strong for three quarters but left the game with a 22-17 loss.

They had allowed a Kicker, Ryan Succop  who was 2-5 and on the verge of losing his job after missing a 38 yarder in their 3 point loss to the Chargers last week, kick 5 Field Goals including a career long 54 yarder.  “It certainly was a little bit of a roller coaster. I am really glad I could go out and contribute” Succop said afte the game. What a dick, seriously a Kicker giving postgame remarks? Who Cares?

Cedric Griffin got torched by Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe for a 52 yard TD which would be the game winner. “The Chiefs made a play” Griffin explained “the Chiefs made a good play, quarterback to receiver. They made the play for their team and I didn’t. Good play for them”. Griffin clearly felt defeated and it wasn’t just his fault. The Vikings secondary looked pathetic again allowing Bowe to break the 100 yard mark and allowing Steve Breaston to bring in 4 balls for 91 yards. Breaston had just 6 catches for 88 yards in his previous 3 games.

The Vikings were down 22-10 after Bowe’s TD and Minnesota was able to rally the troops to score their first second half TD when McNabb found Michael Jenkins for a 1 yard TD and cut the Chiefs lead to 5. Minnesota got the ball back late in the 4th quarter with an opportunity to drive downfield and score a game winning TD but fell short. The drive started off well with a connection to Shiancoe and a reverse to Percy Harvin getting the Vikes to KCs 41 yard line. Then McNabb threw four straight incompletions, the worst of which came on 4th down when he sailed the ball intended for Shiancoe.

The Vikings did spend some time getting key players back into the offense, throwing the ball more to their TEs, finding a way to get Percy the ball and running it with AP. Shiancoe and Rudolph were the team’s leading receivers with 9 catches for 102 yards and were targeted 12 times. Harvin was the third leading receiver with 5 catches for 42 yards on 7 targets but his impact was felt on the tricky rushing plays he was in, running the ball 4 times for 67 yards. AP on the other hand should have destroyed this Chiefs defense but he averaged just 3.5 yards per carry finishing the game with 23 carries for 80 yards and no TDs.

McNabb finished the game 18-30 with 202, 2 TDs and an INT and made some good passes and some terrible ones. He hit Devin Aromashodu for a 34 yard TD and may have been turning the corner of getting Vikings fans on his side. There was finally something to show for HC Leslie Frazier’s indisputable support for the not so trusty veteran. After the loss Frazier reiterated that he was not making a QB change and that McNabb is the QB of this team.

There was a lot of talk about DE Jared Allen returning to KC for the first time since being dealt to Minnesota and he came up big recording 2 Sacks and bringing his season Sack total to 6.5 good enough for 2nd in the league. He was applauded multiple times while coming on and off the field, which was quite surprising since he left Arrowhead Stadium and the Chiefs organization over 4 years ago. Allen knew that he was going to face a lot of double coverage and after the game he said “I think I had a tight end in my ear hole every time I turned around”.

The biggest moment in the game came on the Chiefs sideline when HC Todd Haley and Matt Cassel got into an argument. The camera’s quickly honed in on the heated exchange of words and it made me wonder why HC Frazier is always standing on the VIke’s sideline so stoic like. Haley’s ass chewing worked out and after the game Cassel said that he responds well to “that kind of stuff”. If there has ever been a four game stretch when a HC needs to chew out his team it’s been the Vikings first 4 games of this season. Yet, Frazier just stands there with his abnormally small head and big body, arms crossed and stone faced. Where’s the motivation? I think it’s about time Frazier finds his inner Denzel Washington from Remember the Titans or better yet Training Day. “Brad Childress ain’t got NOTHING on ME!!!!”

After the game it was obvious that the Vikings were broken and AP admitted that he felt like crying. So do all the people that have so much invested in this team. Visanthe Shiancoe has the right perspective “there were a lot of self-wounds. It’s the same tune, and I’m sick of it. Time for something different.” Could he be calling for young Christian Ponder??? Doesn’t matter though because as I said before Frazier is sticking with his guy, but for how long?

The best moment came when Bernard Berrian got to his Twitter account feeling confident after doubling his season’s production with a big 4th down reception. He began to talk shit to a person who tweeted “if you want to follow a hilarious twitter account, try @B_Twice who says that he’s open a lot and should get the ball more”.

Berrian responded with “anytime u wanna watch the film with me. Not just one game but all of them . . . and if not sit down n shut up!!”. It just so happens that the person he was responding to spends a lot of time sitting down. The man behind the Twitter feud with Berrian was Minnesota State Representative John Kriesel, who is a war veteran, and wait for it, lost his legs while serving in Iraq. Not to mention Kriesel is one of the few Representative working diligently to get a new Vikings stadium. The Berrian back pedaling began right away “I wouldn’t say it was a war. Nobody got shot. Just a couple friendly words going back and forth between two people” adding “I’m a big boy, I can handle myself. I ripped him, he ripped me back. I have fun with Twitter. I’m over it. I was never offended by it”.

HC Frazier said that there are discussions with players about the use of certain social media websites and ended his message with a smiley faced emoticon.


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