Pack Attack: Vikes Fan Fights Back

Posted: September 30, 2011 by Kodi in NFL, Pack It Up, Purple Pride

So earlier in the week I allowed my emotions get the best of me and I wrote a questionable article for I am not sorry for what I said and stand behind my statements 100% and wrote it to infuriate a Minnesota fan which is exactly what happened. I pissed off many with the things that I said and had numerous conversations through text, phone calls, twitter, facebook and e-mail. One of my favorite responses came from a Packers friend of mine’s co-worker. He really didn’t enjoy what I had to say, so much so that he wrote Andrew (my buddy) a response e-mail tearing me apart. Little did he know that Andrew would send me that e-mail and I would write Mike L a personal response to all of the points he brought up in his article. Enjoy!

All of my Responses are in Bold and Italic as they are in this paragraph, while Mike’s statements are in Blue font and my original statements he quotes are in regular font.

Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2011 12:43 PM
To: ANDREW S; Gary T
Subject: RE:

Mike L 1: This guy is a complete idiot. To address the convenient fact that he became a Packer fan the same year that Brett Favre became QB followed by 6 straight years of playoffs, 3NFC Championship appearence, 2 Super Bowl appearences, 1 Super Bowl win is left out of this… but that’s ok, cause a lot of people became fans that year…

Convenience had nothing to do with it, I happened to be born in 1985 and not sure about you but understanding football before the age of 7 seems pretty difficult. I must have been some kind of kid genius when it came to football analysis because I jumped on board right before a long healthy run that you detailed above. It’s not a dick showing competition, comparing the percentage of one’s life that they spent cheering for a particular team or better yet choosing when they began cheering for them based upon their history.  Your opening paragraph makes no fucking sense, other than you calling me a complete idiot which may be true, especially since I’m spending the time replying to an office e-mail.

Mike L 2: who may be the worst supporters in the country besides right wing religious nuts. Not because they’re aggressive or dangerous but rather because of their sheer stupidity. As well as their inability to break through this wall of ignorance built that they’ve built so well that Mao Tse-Tung and the entire Republic of China would be jealous.

His basis on this is what?… how can stupidity be evaluated? One way, is to illistrate an analogy of breaking through a wall of ignorance by utlizing Chairman Mao and his country… the problem, the name of Mao’s counry is the People’s Republic of China as I am sure he already knew that and he was’nt showing his own stupidity by leaving that out… but judging by 37 idiot Packer fans who ‘like’ and read this guy on facebook I am sure no one noticed.

Seriously? Holy Shit did you make this easy. I hope to God that you seem to think because the Republic of China has the word People’s in front of it that there is sort of Democracy in that country. So I wonder how you feel about the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) and one of the greatest dictators of our time, Kim Jong Il? Maybe they’re just full of freedom and democracy since it’s in their countries name, obviously. The main point is that I picked Mao and China because of the fucking wall analogy. When you think of a big ass wall, similar to the one built by ignorant Vikings fans like yourself, you think of CHINA.

I was really hurt when you took a shot at my facebook “likes” because we all know that you ain’t shit without cyber-friends. You took a low blow, a shot at my dignity, but I have to say this is the beginning of what is destined to be great. My mediocre thoughts and high ramblings are going to make me famous, I’m going to become a sports writing celebrity and everybody is going to want to be just like my fat ass. No, I do this because I love sports and look forward to giving people my takes on sports. I wrote my Dear Minnesota article fishing for a Vikings fan just like you, that took my low blow and overreacted. I admit that I was acting in sheer douchebaggery but your anger and hatred left you writing an e-mail that is worse than any ramblings ever posted on this site.

Mike L 3: Every point this jack-off makes has been thought or spoken by myself and other Viking fans:

    -AP is the best RB in the NFL and is being under utilized- you think?

        Most teams when up in the first 1/2 use the clock to their advantage…. really?… wow, what a great football mind!!

I mean I understand that you disagree with my letter and those subjects brought up throughout its contents but the name-calling, really? What makes me a jack-off and what the fuck does that even mean anyways? AP is great, your team isn’t using him. Clock management is obvious no great football mind needs to know that, maybe you should inform your head coach about that little bit of information. 5 rushes in the 2nd half when you had a 20 point lead doesn’t make any sense. Even if he ran it another 8 times they could have burnt a few minutes off of the clock and may have actually won a game.

    -Precy Harvin needs a bigger part in the offense…..

 You know Percy Harvin really shouldn’t be in the next few plays of a series that follows him being on the field for a kick return. That makes a world of difference in Harvins production, whether or not he gets a breather after returning it a few yards. Or not because the NFL instituted this nanny state kick-off rule almost eliminating returns. You mock me for stating the obvious but my question to you again is why the hell doesn’t the coaching staff on the team you cheer for figure it out.

Mike L -Vikings made a huge gameble by drafting Ponder @ 12th pick… yeah, that’s obvious… see Brody and myself on Youtube for our reactions after the pick.

 I have no idea who you are but the fact that you were cool enough to record you and your buddies reaction to the Vikes Draft Pick tells me you’re not a guy I should mess with. It’s almost as cool as recording yourself shit-faced drunk celebrating a Super Bowl Championship but I know that’s not possible because sadly you cheer for the Purple. 

Mike L  “Oh he is the best pro-ready QB in the Draft” uttered by many “he graduated in three years”… I have never heard anyone say that because he graduated in 3 years that he is going to be more ready than any other QB… most pro read… ask Jimmy Clausen how much that means.

You must not interact with many Vikings fans if you haven’t heard anyone utter the 3 year graduation statement. People said it all off-season long talking about his “smarts” because he was able to graduate from FSU in three years. If you don’t believe me just go and punch that statement into a search engine like google and add the Star Tribune at the end of the sentence. You will find yourself an article that says “Ponder made his mark on the field by relying on his brains. . .” but clearly I am mistaken because to you I’m just a bias, ignorant, Packers fan. Being pro-ready is an important aspect when evaluating your franchise’s future QB, I’m glad to see your pessimistic responses about Ponder shows that you have a ton of confidence in the young man. I heard Brett Favre is still un-employed. 

Mike L  -On Ponder’s college stats… well, since most Viking fans agree this is a risky pick a diatribe on his stats means little to nothing to this guys point. Were just trying to be optimistic as fans with the picks the coaching staff has made.

I was really disappointed in you when you stated that you pathetic fans cheer for whoever the coaching staff picks. There is a man in the Vikings front office by the name of Rick Spielman who is Minnesota’s General Manager and the Vice President of Player Personnel. Spielman makes nearly all roster decisions after the canning of Brad Childress and I don’t think that anybody in the state would rely on Frazier’s ability to evaluate talent. College stats do not make or break a player’s ability to make it in the NFL but it is important to see how a player performed and against what caliber of opponents they played.  

Mike L  -D. Nabb is old and over the hill? Really, I didnt know that judging by th emultiple benchings and pullings from the starting offense last year in Washington… deep thoughts from another Packer fan. 

The problem seems to be your reading comprehension because multiple times you express dismay with an opinion that I never even made. McNabb being old is one of those, as I said he is inaccurate and set the bar high during his first appearance. The only deep thoughts that this Packers fan is how far my squad is going in this year’s Playoffs.

Mike L  – Rand Moss and Cris Carter are better recievers than anyone we have on the team now??? Once again, great insight from a Packer fan! 

            Wait you mean we over paid for Berrian… wow, this guy is brilliant.

Wow you really have no idea what I am trying to say here do you, since you need some help here it is. In the past Minnesota, that’s the team you like, used to be able to bring in talent at WR either through the draft or free agency. Now you are full of has-beens, nobodies and underperformers. Not only did you overpay for Berrian, your team has employed a player who has done absolutely nothing catching just 29 balls for 269 yards and 0 TDs since the beginning of the 2010 season. He has just one catch in three games and this is AFTER the Vikings reconstructed his obscene contract so that they could KEEP HIM ON THEIR ROSTER. They wanted to pay this guy to do absolutely nothing and he’s not doing anything while “playing” for your team.

Mike L    – The offensie line is old and breaking down… I have been hearing for the past three years from Viking fans, “we need to draft O-lineman’… once again deep thoughts.

Again you are putting words in my mouth, I didn’t divulge deeply into the O-Line’s problems but rather evaluated the big move of dumping McKinnie and bringing in Johnson. Actually your line isn’t that old and the average age of the starting OL is just above 28. It is actually the youth that is hurting the Vikings, as RT Phil Loadholt has no ability to keep his composure in away games and has been flagged for false starts multiple times. The old part of the line, Steve Hutchinson, was one of the best LGs in the game when he came to Minnesota from Seattle but he hasn’t played like it since putting on Purple. 

Mike L  – Our D-line is good, linebacking core solid, and secondary sucks…. this is something no Viking fan is aware of!! is this guy always this stupid or was he just making a special effort for this article and his large readership.

You attempt to bash my evaluation of talent but have agreed with nearly everything I said, so does that make you just as retarded as you think I am. You talk shit about my readership yet you don’t know that this website is just over a month old and gets more traffic than you are giving me credit for. I am sorry ignorant assholes like yourself come’s to my site and criticizes my articles but fails to click the “like” button on the side of my page. Hopefully now that I am writing you a personal response and giving you something to talk about with your work buddies around the water cooler you guys can get together and become one of my “friends” and then I won’t be judged so harshly by future arrogant dicks like yourself.

Lastly, “Ultimately there isn’t just one problem that the Vikings need to fix and they don’t seem to have the depth or the talent at important positions which means this ship might not be turned around this season. The organization has decisions to make and do what is best for the team, not what the fan base wants. Minnesota is going to struggle but their defense has shown they can take over games, just in the first half, but they need to learn how to finish. Their offensive game-plan thus far has taken the ball out of their two best playmakers hands and into a QB on his last leg.”

I am positive that most everyone I have talked to (Sadowski included) agrees this year is a rebuilding year. This guy is a two-bit hack that has nothing better to do then admonsih the fans he hates. Ultimately all of the points he makes have been mistakes made by the Vikings organization and you know what, I agree with him. Most of these mistakes are obvious to any Viking fan. Which makes the fact that he wrote this all the more perplexing since he follows a team so closley that he hates.  

Once again you are the only Vikings fan who hangs out with other Minnesota fans that “knew” this was a rebuilding year. I wonder if I asked you your feelings about them during the first half of any of these first three games you would have been gung-ho and throwing back Dixie cups of Purple Kool-Aid like they were free shots of Jameson. You are correct this is a rebuilding year but it isn’t a complete from the ground up sort of rebuild. This team is talented and I can say that but as I said in my original letter to fans like you, the Vikings are missing talent/depth at key positions.

I do not hate Vikings fans, just the way they argue and the ignorance they have towards any legitimate discourse with a decent minded Packers fan. I like the banter, love bashing people like you, but know that it is all in good fun and this is a game. I wrote that letter to rile Vikings fans up. It was a dick move kicking you people, that’s right I said you people, while you are down but I would expect the same thing from you if the tides ever turn. The problem is that you cheer for a shitty team with an iffy future at best, maybe if you begin cheering for the Lions now in four years you can give me shit. But staying a Vikings fan will mean that your anger will just grow larger and larger like the hard on you get when seeing AP with his shirt off. 

  1. Kodi – I think you are wasting your time trying to evaluate a team you don’t even root for. Calling people “retarded” doesn’t make you sound like a “decent minded” Packer fan either. What are you going to do/write about when the Packers are bad and every other NFC North team is good? I don’t see it happening anytime soon but it will happen someday. The Favre era Packers didn’t miss the playoffs all that much but they did had some bad years where playoffs (PLAYOFFS? WHAT?) were not even close for GB. I think you aggravate Vikings/Bear fans because all you do is talk unwarranted shit 24/7 and you even get to the point where you walk around the dome with Packer signs during MN’s preseason. Minnesota/Chicago fans would have been mugged if we did that in Green Bay. Please don’t tell me you are one of the guys who denies that Favre played great against GB in 2009? I kept my peace during those games and was just thankful for the wins we had that year. Never went online or rubbed it in. That’s another thing…if Moss or someone current like Harvin went to the Packers I wouldn’t treat it like my wife left me. I can’t believe how much the fan base resents Favre. The guy single handedly made the GB franchise a winning team again.

    When you give break downs on the Vikings you are only wasting time because it’s something most fans know. I could not have been happier with dumping Madieu Williams but not dumping Bernard Berrian is an absolute question mark for every MN fan. I said at absolute best (if we had a tremendous season) we’d be 10-6 but I ultimately knew we weren’t going to be there. 0-3 doesn’t surprise me one bit. You root for a great team with a top 5 QB and Top 5 WR. Keep it cool homeboy.

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