Dear Green Bay: Seriously?

Posted: September 28, 2011 by vongrapenstein in Pack It Up, Purple Pride

Like, are you stick-fucking me?

What more do you want, greedhead?  Your team is the defending Super Bowl champion and anyone paying any attention can tell they’re the favorites to win it this year. You’ve got the best quarterback in football – yes, the best quarterback in football.  And he’s 27.  You’ve got a young nucleus of pro bowlers or future pro bowlers (Jennings, Finley, Nelson, Matthews, Cobb, Williams, Raji, and an ever-improving offensive line). Not to mention a general manager who is schooling everyone, even Belichick, in the draft.

Your team is poised to be the team of the first half of the decade, the early 90s Dallas Cowboys if you will. The biggest threat in the division this year is the Detroit Lions – yeah, that’ll last.  You’ve already beaten the biggest threat in the conference, the New Orleans Saints. Your team has one of the best homefield advantages in football and the best stadium in football.

You have it all.

And you decide that what you need to do is shit all over a fanbase that is still cleaning off the shit from four Super Bowls, Drew Pearson, Darrin Nelson, Gary Anderson, 41-0, and Favre going across the middle; hey, at least we share that pain, right?

What was the point of that meandering mess anyway?  If it was to prove you have the wit of a kindergartener and the grace of a Klansman, then job well done.  God forbid you just enjoy your time in the sun and be content with yours and your teams’ good fortunes.  I could actually see that shit-eating grin on your face while reading that…thing.

The worst part of the “article,” besides your grammar? Vikings fans already knew it all.  We already know the team is awful this year and the worst team in the division, by far – and anyone who disagrees is off the reservation.  We already know we’re years away from contending again – especially if Ponder does take over.  We already know Adrian Peterson’s career is being wasted, Barry Sanders style.  We already know our pathetic history and we know it better than you do; you didn’t even mention the Love Boat or Tommy Kramer or the Herschel Walker trade.  Good research.

Do you even know who Tommy Kramer is?  He was like Don Majeqckawoesskeiwakwi, but drunker.

In conclusion, your last sentence was “get your shit together Minnesota and make it a little more difficult for me to decimate your squad.”

You? Decimate?  Oh, Kodi.  That was B.J. Raji returning an interception for a touchdown.  Not you.

  1. MIKE KADIER says:

    best qb cmon, TOM BRADY I say this because he has noone to throw it too and is domminating in every category. FUCK THE PACK!

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