Dear Mr. Fantasy Top 100

Posted: August 28, 2011 by Kodi in Fantasy

Looking for another fantasy perspective before your big draft?

Let Dear Mr. Fantasy’s Top 100 Point You in the Right Direction

1.)    Adrian Peterson:  AP is the best, most reliable option for the #1 overall fantasy football pick, although it is close between 1,2 and 3. I believe AP will have the best year because the Vikings lost Brett Favre to retirement, for now, and their only deep threat in Sidney Rice. Peterson will be the most reliable option for the Vikings, but hopefully Minnesota’s offensive line can h block well enough for Peterson to improve on last year’s stats of 1298 rushing yards, 12 TDs, 341 receiving yards and a receiving TD, while fumbling the ball just once.

2.)    Arian Foster: Foster blew up in the first game of the year surprising the Indianapolis Colts and the entire country and kept that pace up rushing for 1600 yards, 16 TDs, as well as 600 receiving yards and 2 receiving TDs. I find it very unlikely that Foster will have a year anywhere close to the stats he posted last season, but even if he drops a quarter of his production he will still be a top 5 RB and could be a cornerstone for someone’s fantasy squad.

3.)    Ray Rice: If I am sold on anyone this season its Ray Rice, who had 1220 yards rushing, 556 yards receiving, 5 rushing TDs and 1 receiving TD. I believe that Rice will put up similar numbers but also increase his TDs without Willis McGahee vulturing them and the unlikelihood that Joe Flacco learned to throw the long ball. That means Baltimore will be serving a hefty dose of Ray Rice and that means big fantasy numbers and makes him a favorable pick between 1-5.

4.)    Aaron Rodgers: A-Rodge was one of the best fantasy players last year, throwing for nearly 4000 yards, 28 TDs and 11 interceptions, while rushing for another 356 yards and 4 more TDs. The Packers were able to find a rushing game late in the year with James Starks, while the return of Ryan Grant will improve the rushing game, but Rodgers is still the best QB available because he has all 4 of his WRs coming back and getting a huge weapon back, in Jermichael Finley.

5.)    Chris Johnson: CJ2K has had more buzz around him for his contract dispute, rather than his inability to perform anywhere near his 2009 season. He ran for just 1364 yards, 11 TDs, caught 1 more TD and another 245 receiving yards. Johnson has yet to show up at Titans camp and with the problems Tennessee has had with WR Kenny Britt and transitioning from Vince Young/Kerry Collins to Matt Hasselbeck/Jake Locker, they need there Pro Bowl RB.

6.)    Jamaal Charles: Charles came out of nowhere to be the leagues 2nd leading RB, rushing for more than 1450 yards, but only had 5 TDs, with just 1 inside the redzone. He also had 3 receiving TDs and 468 receiving yards, but I am skeptical that Charles will see more redzone touches, as Thomas Jones is still in Kansas City. Charles is a boom or bust kind of pick, he can explode and rack up some impressive yards and points, but also has the ability to fizzle and disappoint. Of the top 5 RBs it is Charles and CJ2K that worry me the most and would rather pick someone more reliable.

7.)    Michael Vick: After a breakout season for the Eagles, Mike Vick looks to repeat a wonderful season, where he threw for 3000+ yards, 21 TDs and just 6 picks. The real reason Vick is a top 2/3 fantasy QB is because of his ability to run the ball, rushing for more than 600 yards and 9 TDs. He has a solid offensive line, but there are concerns with his WRs because of Maclins injury/illness concerns and DeSean Jacksons holdout for a new contract.

8.)    Roddy White: Roddy White was the best WR in fantasy football last season with 115 receptions, 1389 receiving yards and 10 TDs. Matt Ryan has found his favorite target and looked to him early and often. In the last 4 seasons Roddy White hasn’t had less than 83 catches, 1153 receiving yards and 6 TDs. The Falcons made a huge move in the draft to move up and get Alabama WR Julio Jones to play on the other side of White and I believe that the rookie will be able to take away some of the extra coverage that defenses wouldn’t have to worry about with Michael Jenkins.

9.)    Lesean McCoy: Lesean McCoy was an incredible dual threat for the Eagles, rushing for 1080 yards, 7 TDs and catching 2 more TDs, racking up 592 receiving yards as well. McCoy was hampered by some rather minor injuries, but this season looks promising, running behind a great offensive line and having a playmaking QB under Center, McCoy doesn’t HAVE to make plays but will.

10.) Andre Johnson: The only reason that I have White in front of AJ is strictly because of the impact of having a WR2 to accompany your Pro-Bowler and that Matt Ryan is a better QB than Matt Schaub. Andre is an incredible talent with the ability to stretch the field, run possession routes and catch jump balls. The surprising stat is that the WR has never had a 10 TD season, but he has averaged 100 catches, 1453 receiving yards and 8 TDs the past 3 seasons.

11.) Tom Brady: The Golden Boy, Tom Brady, struck again last year with a phenomenal season throwing for 36 TDs. 3900 yards, throwing just 4 picks and running in for 1 TD. Brady’s offense was boosted with the acquisition of Deion Branch and the great play of his rookie TE’s Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. The Patriots front office went out and got the golden boy yet another toy in Chad Ochocinco, who will give Brady a reliable option on the outside.

12.) Larry Fitzgerald Jr.: Fitz had a down year but nobody can blame him with QBs like Derek Anderson, John Skelton and Max Hall throwing you the balls. Really Fitz’s bad year would easily be other WRs career highs, catching 90 balls for 1137 receiving yards and 6 TDs. It is disappointing simply because of what the Cardinals WR is used to, posting at least 1,000 yards receiving 4 out of the 5 years prior to last season and in 3 of those seasons he had more than 1,400 yards. He was also used to catching a lot more TDs than the 6 he pulled in last year, grabbing 51 in the 5 years before last season and 25 in 2008-09 and 2008-09.

13.) Michael Turner: Michael “the Burner” Turner didn’t let his owners down last year, as he was one of the top fantasy RBs and he produced like one. He rushed for 1371 yards along with 12 TDs, while helping to the lead the team to the best record in the NFC. The important thing was that Turner didn’t miss a single game, after only playing in 11 during the 2009 season. The Burner had just 12 rushing TDs, as Jason Snelling took some snaps away from Turner to ensure he stayed healthy and while it’s difficult to watch a backup come in and steal points away, it’s worth it if he plays the whole season.

14.) Calvin Johnson: Megatron is a mega beast in Detroit catching 77 balls, which is low for a WR of his caliber, but gained 1120 yards with those receptions and averaged 14.5 yards per catch. Calvin was able to turn 12 of those 77 receptions into TDs, tying a career high from his rookie season in his 3rd year. I believe that if Matthew Stafford is able to stay healthy that Calvin may break career highs in receptions, yards and TDs. Stafford is the big arm that can utilize Megatron’s size and speed that back-ups Shaun Hill and Drew Stanton couldn’t.

15.) Drew Brees: Brees threw for 4600 Yards and 33 TDs last season, but also threw 22 interceptions, the most in his entire 10 year career. Brees hopes that the addition of Mark Ingram may improve the running game and allow some rest for an overused WR corps. Brees will also have a big target over the middle of the field, that is a viable redzone option, in TE Jimmy Graham.

16.) Frank Gore: The key here is Frank Gore’s health. Tthe one year he actually played in 16 games, he rushed for 1695 yards and had over 480 receiving yards. Gore however has not played a full season since his second year in 2007 and last year played in just 11 games. He rushed for 853 yards, 3 TDs, but also caught 2 TDs and had 452 reception yards. Gore has the ability to be a dual threat and could benefit from being the centerpoint of an average 49ers offense, but it all relies on how many games he plays.

17.) Rashard Mendenhall: Mendenhall made a huge splash with his controversial comments made on his Twitter account about his views on 9/11, but he produced after being given the opportunity to be the guy in Pittsburgh. Rashard did have an issue holding onto the ball and that may be a concern, but its small when the guy rushes for 1273 yards, 13 TDs. The Steelers are a ground and pound offense, which bodes well for the 4th year RB and I look for him to have another stellar year.

18.) Greg Jennings: Aaron Rodgers has a lot of ammo in his passing arsenal, but Greg Jennings became his favorite target after TE Jermichael Finley was injured for the season. Jennings had 76 receptions for 1265 yards and 12 TDs and was the security blanket that the Packers QB knew he could rely on. It seemed as if Rodgers would look towards the sure handed Jennings every time he needed a big play. Especially late in the year when Veteran Donald Driver had been sidelined and James Jones dropped some easy balls. Jennings could have another solid year this season, but his stats may fall slightly simply because of the Packers improvement in the running game and the return of TE Finley.

19.) Steven Jackson: They might as well call Steven Jackson “ol’ reliable” instead of “the Predator”  because for the 6th year in a row he has rushed for over 1000 yards and had more than 250 receiving yards. Jackson played in every game last season, after missing 1 in 2009 and 4 in 08 and 07. He was able to rush for 1241 yards, 6 TDs and racked up 383 receiving yards, but will not be the only key in the Rams offenses, as St. Louis has a great young QB and some returning and new WRs.

20.) Maurice Jones-Drew: MJD scares me because I know what he is capable of, but there is something about this knee injury that makes me a skeptic. Jones missed just 2 games last season and rushed for over 1300 yards, but only had 5 rushing TDs and 317 receiving yards, career lows in both categories. The Jaguars do have a viable option behind MJD in Rashad Jennings and the two should be handcuffed together, without a doubt.

21.) Hakeem Nicks: The 2009 1st round pick of the New York Giants played in just 13 games in 2010 but was able to catch 79 balls for 1052 yards and 11 TDs. Nicks had a good rookie season catching 47 balls for 490 yards and 6 TDs, but last year he became Eli Mannings most reliable option in the offense. The Giants felt so confident in the play of Nicks that they allowed WR Steve Smith to leave as a free agent and sign with division rival Philadelphia. Nicks is a big target but his first two seasons aren’t similar at all so you don’t know whether to expect a season like last year, or one like his rookie season in ’09.

22.) Philip Rivers: Philip Rivers led the league in passing yards last year, throwing for 4710 yards, along with 30 TDs and 13 interceptions. What is surprising is that Rivers was able to do this without Vincent Jackson for most of the year, as well as an injury plagued Antonio Gates and an extremely unreliable running game, but things can only be better for the Chargers QB this season and he could put up impressive numbers.

23.) Miles Austin: Austin exploded onto the scene in 2009 with a 81 catch, 1320 yards, 11 TD season, but that was with Tony Romo at the helm. Romo was injured last year with a broken collarbone and Austin had a good year, but not great, catching 69 balls for 1041 yards and just 7 TDs. Austin could very well return to his 2009 numbers in 2011, especially with the Cowboys deciding to get rid of WR Roy Williams after the lockout. Austin isn’t the only option in Dallas with the hope that 2nd year WR Dez Bryant can emerge as a practical option on the other side.

24.) DeSean Jackson: DeSean was disappointed with his contract after having a two very solid years, catching 110 balls for 2223 yards and 15 TDs. DeSean played in 14 games last year but caught just 47 balls, but with a 22.5 average yards per catch, he was able to rack up 1056 receiving yards and added 6 receiving TDs. DeSean is a boom or bust kind of player but is clearly explosive having a 91 yard reception last year, its just whether or not your fantasy team can handle the inconsistency from game to game. In the last 4 games DeSean had 378 receiving yards, but 210 of those yards came in week 14 at Dallas.

25.) Shonn Greene: Last year we saw LT come to New York and take away important carries from Shonn Greene, but the young Jets RB wasn’t helping himself either. Greene fumbled the ball 3 times in key situations for the Jets and was put into Rex Ryan’s doghouse. With the inability of LT to have anything left in the tank, the Jets Head Coach knows that they must rely more on the 3rd year RB and less on the grizzled vet.

26.) Reggie Wayne: Reggie Wayne had his 7th consecutive season with at least 1,000 receiving yards and 5+ TDs. Wayne had a career high 111 catches for 1355 yards and 6 TDs, although this season is in question due to one major thing, Peyton Manning. Those 7 seasons Peyton Manning had started every single game Wayne played in and Mannings week 1 availability is up in the air. I think Reggie Wayne is still a top 10 WR, but he’s not going to be a top 5 without Peyton leading the teams offense.

27.) LeGarrette Blount: Everyone in the Tampa area knew that Cadillac Williams’ time was coming to an end, but nobody expected a RB that was picked up from the Titans on Waivers after being cut would become their superstar. Blount played in just 13 games, but in those games he was able to rush for 1007 yards and 6 rushing TDs in his rookie season.

28.) Vincent Jackson: Before Vincent Jackson thought he was too good for the San Diego Chargers he had back to back seasons of 1,000+ receiving yards and 7+ TDs. Vincent Jackson is an incredibly big body, standing 6’5”, he is Philip Rivers second favorite target behind TE Antonio Gates. There is no reason that Vincent Jackson can’t come back in 2011 and return to his ‘08-‘09 form.

29.) Mike Wallace: Mike Wallace showed the league what he could do and is comparable to the Eagles DeSean Jackson. Wallace had 60 catches last season for 1257 yards and 10 TDs becoming the Steelers big play threat. With Hines Ward getting older it is likely the Ben Roethlisberger may begin looking for Mike Wallace more regularly. Emmanuel Sanders will take some looks away from Wallace as a slot receiver, but there is no reason why Wallace couldn’t have another solid year.

30.) Darren McFadden: Run DMC had his best season as a professional, but was hobbled by injuries for the 3rd straight season. He played in just 13 games, but rushed for 1157 yards, 7 rush TDs and 507 receiving yards and 3 reception TDs. McFadden gave the Raiders offense that explosive player that Al Davis looks for every year in the draft. McFadden’s speed and ability to break away from a defense is incredible and if the RB can stay healthy he will prove to be one of the league’s top RBs.

31.) Peyton Manning: All anyone has talked about this offseason has been Peyton Manning’s neck surgery and his subsequent rehab. There are questions whether or not he will be ready for week 1, but I feel there is no way Peyton puts his consecutive starts streak on the line. Manning threw for 4700 yards, 33 TDs and 17 interceptions, the most he’s thrown since the 2002-03 season, but this future Hall of Famer will produce great numbers yet again in Indianapolis.

32.) Santonio Holmes: Santonio came back from his suspension for what is known as the “wake and bake tweet” to make it seem like a Mark Sanchez led passing game could stretch the field. Holmes sheer speed and sure hands makes for a good combination to boost a young QBs confidence. The Jets decided to not retain Braylon Edwards, but brought in Plaxico Burress who is more of a big target possession receiver.  Holmes had 52 catches, 746 yards and 6 TDs in 12 games and I think that he will break the 1,000 yard receiving mark, with the possibility of increasing his TDs, but the Jets are a run heavy team.

33.) Peyton Hillis: Peyton Hillis was traded away by the Denver Broncos and became the savior of a mediocre Cleveland Browns team. Hillis was the Browns workhorse rushing for 1177 yards, 11 TDs as well as racking up 477 receiving yards and 2 receiving TDs. Hillis had just 397 rushing yards in his previous 2 seasons and just 198 receiving yards, so it is hard to determine what he will do this year. He is still the guy in Cleveland and it may just be that this kid is the real deal, but buyer beware.

34.) Ahmad Bradshaw: Bradshaw was going to be the center of a reliable rushing attack in New York, but his 7 fumbles forced Head Coach Tom Coughlin to reconsider. Bradshaw did give up time to fellow Giants RB Brandon Jacobs, but still was able to rush for 1235 yards and 8 rushing TDs, adding another 300 plus yards receiving. Bradshaw had the opportunity to sign with another team but came back to the Giants and hopes to improve on his ball handling and produce similar numbers this season, but anyone willing to take Bradshaw needs to take Jacobs as well.

35.) Dwayne Bowe: Over Dwayne Bowe was one of the best fantasy WRs but it was really because of a few HUGE games and personally I would rather have consistency in my WR with a sprinkle of greatness here and there. Rather than having 15 TDs and 11 of those coming in 5 games, yeah its great on those 5 games, but you’re forced to start him 11 other games where he has just 4 TDs. Bowe had a total of 1162 receiving yards. 726 of those yards came in 5 games and they weren’t the same 5 games with all of his TDs. What I am trying to say here is Bowe is the definition of boom or bust and I don’t want a WR with just 277 receiving yards and 1 TD in the final 5 games of the year.

36.) Matt Forte: Matt Forte has been perched near the top of Fantasy RB lists in the last couple of years, but I have him dropping with the addition of Marion Barber to the backfield. Forte is still a dual threat for the Bears offense, but with Barber there it is unlikely Forte will see many rushing attempts in short yardage and redzone situations. Forte had over 1,000 rushing yards and nearly 550 receiving yards, with 9 total touchdowns, but it is difficult to expect him to improve on those stats with less reps due to the Barber situation.

37.) Antonio Gates: Antonio Gates is the best TE in the league, although last year he had foot problems that kept him from playing at 100 percent. Gates finished the year with 50 catches for 782 yards and 10 TDs and only played in 10 games, but had missed just 3 games in his career before last season. Gates is that prototypical basketball player type TE, with great size and athleticism as well as one of the best QBs in the league throwing him the ball.

38.) Brandon Lloyd: Brandon Lloyd and Dwayne Bowe had very similar game logs, some with big TD numbers and others with big yardage numbers and a lot of games with neither. Lloyd finished last season with 1448 yards and 11 TDs. 6 of Lloyd’s 11 TDs came in 3 games and the other 5 were sprinkled in between and the same can be said about his receiving yards. In 6 games Lloyd had 816 yards receiving, but what is important is in the final 5 games Lloyd had just 326 receiving yards and 2 TDs.

39.) Felix Jones: Fantasy football has said “this is the year” for Felix jones for what seems like every season since entering the NFL, but really I think this is the one. This is going to be a great opportunity to see if Jones has what it takes to be a featured RB in the NFL and I think that he will leave his fantasy owners pleased at the years end. Jones had just 800 rushing yards last year and 450 receiving yards, but what is surprising is that he had just 1 rushing TD and 1 receiving TD. I think Jones may blow up and could have a year similar to Forte’s first and second seasons, which would make him a stud RB2.

40.) Percy Harvin: Percy Harvin has to successfully transition into a WR1 but it is hard for me to imagine a player of Harvin’s stature doing that well. Vikings hopefuls may optimistically compare Harvin to Carolina’s Steve Smith, but he is going to have to prove it. Harvin played in 14 games and recorded 71 catches for 868 yards and 5 TDs, slightly improving his numbers from his rookie year. Harvin will be Donovan McNabb’s go to WR and with no Sidney Rice it will be up to the elusive Harvin to make plays with coverage. Michael Jenkins will attempt to fill the hole left by Rice’s departure, although this offense will be AP first, it will also be Harvin second.

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42.) Anquan Boldin: Anquan Boldin is going into his second year with the Baltimore Ravens and is hoping to bounce back from his worst season since 2004. Boldin had his second lowest amount of receptions, 64, and his second lowest yard total with 837. It may have been just a transition year for Boldin, or he may be a victim to Joe Flacco’s play. Anquan was healthy all last year and even though the offense will be run through Ray Rice, when Flacco does have to throw he will look for Boldin first.

43.) DeAngelo Williams: DeAngelo has left his owners frustrated and asking for more, but don’t expect anything different this year. Williams still has Jonathan Stewart nipping at his heels, but he has a new contract and new expectations to live up to. It may be difficult for the Panthers to surprise anyone as they will be a run first, pass second offense, strictly due to having rookie QB Cam Newton behind Center. Williams was hobbled last season and hopes to bounce back and he needs to after recording just 361 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD and 61 receiving yards. Williams is a risky pick and I would only take the chance on him after you have drafted solid options in front of him, not to mention the need to handcuff he and Stewart.

44.) Dez Bryant: The former Oklahoma St. Cowboy, Dez Bryant, had a good rookie year going until the 10th game of the season. He tried to play in the next two games but was shut down for the year after week 12. Bryant finished his rookie campaign with 45 receptions, 561 yards and 5 TDs. Bryant seems to be healthy coming into the season and with the return of Tony Romo the young WR could have a good year.

45.) Matt Ryan: Matty Ice had a great year last year, mostly due to the play of Roddy White, but he looks to improve on his passing numbers with the surprise draft of Julio Jones by the Atlanta Falcons in this years NFL Draft. That is pretty scary considering he threw for 3700 yards, 28 TDs and just 9 interceptions the NFC South should prepare for a soaring offensive attack from the Falcons QB.

46.) Mike Williams (TB): Mike Williams came straight out of Syracuse down to Tampa to become Josh Freeman’s big man/deep threat. He had 65 catches for 964 yards and 11 TDs, not to mention 44 of his 65 catches were for First Downs. There is no reason to believe that Williams’ can’t do the same thing again this season, but with a lot of options in that Buccaneers offense, he has just as much likelihood to slip as he does to improve.

47.) Beanie Wells: Beanie Wells is going to get an opportunity yet again to prove himself to Ken Whisenhunt and the Arizona Cardinals. This is only going to happen because of Ryan Williams’ injury in the preseason, but the fact that the Cards felt they needed to draft Williams shows how much confidence they have in Wells as a starter. Tim Hightower is out of town and this is Wells golden opportunity to shine, but he is injury prone and had less than 400 rushing yards and 75 receiving yards with just 2 rushing TDs.

48.) Knowshon Moreno: Moreno is lower on my list compared to where some other top 100 fantasy rankings, but I highly doubt Moreno will get complete control of the running game in Denver, especially with their acquisition of Willis McGahee. Moreno could be a viable dual threat from the backfield, as he recorded nearly 800 rushing yards last season, 5 rushing TDs, nearly 375 receiving yards and 3 TD receptions.

49.) Jason Witten: There was only one TE in the 50 highest scoring fantasy players and that was Jason Witten. It’s amazing because he did this with most John Kitna, not Tony Romo, but this year hes getting his Pro-Bowl QB back. Witten went for over 1,000 yards for the second straight season, but improved his TD totals dramatically, from 2 in ’09 to 9 in ’10. Witten put up WR1 like numbers and he is a TE, I am skeptical that he is able to keep up that pace, but no matter what he will be perched near the top of fantasy TEs.

50.) Marques Colston: The only reason Marques Colston isn’t a top 5 WR anymore is because Drew Brees has too many options and Colston just doesn’t get as many looks as somebody like Andre Johnson, who is the sole legitimate option at WR. It’s not to say that Colston isn’t good and can’t be a WR1 as he did have 1,000+ receiving yards and 7 TDs, it’s just that he has the skill and body to be elite.

51.) Jahvid Best: The Detroit Lions saw flashes of greatness from Jahvid Best, but his inability to stay healthy and inconsistency in production led them to drafting RB Mike Leshoure in this years Draft. Best had over 550 rushing yards, 4 TDs along with nearly 500 receiving yards and another 2 TD receptions, but he isn’t a big body that can pound the inside. Best has the skill set to have a breakout year like a Jamaal Charles, but he needs to make sure his foot is healthy, that his speed comes back and he can make the cuts to force defenders to miss him.

52.) Johnathan Stewart: I don’t have Stewart listed far behind DeAngelo Williams because realistically they are in a timeshare, but Williams has a slight edge due to his size. Stewart has struggled through injuries since coming into the league, although when he is healthy he has shown Panthers fans and fantasy owners that he deserves a spot on their roster. Stewart had 770 rushing yards, just 2 rushing TDs, just over 100 receiving yards and a single receiving TD last season. Stewart may improve on those numbers, but it would take an injury to Williams, while Williams has the same opportunity if Stewart gets hurt and that’s why if you’re thinking about taking either one you MUST handcuff these players together.

53.) Dallas Clark: Dallas Clark went down last year and was admirably replaced by Jacob Tamme. Clark would like to return this year and get back to being one of the best TEs in the game. Clark played in just 6 games last year and had missed just 2 games in the previous 3 seasons. Clark had 177 catches for 1954 yards and 16 TDs from ’08-’09 but had just 37 catches for 347 yards and 3 TDs before going down for the season. The Colts know that they have a talent in Tamme, but Clark is too good to replace right now, although his numbers may not be like they were a couple years ago.

54.) Ben Roethlisberger: It’s amazing how much perception can change from one offseason to the next. Last year Roethlisberger was at the center of a rape allegation, whereas this off-season he had an intimate wedding ceremony. Big Ben was able to come back from his suspension and throw for 3200 yards in just 12 games, with 17 TDs and just 5 interceptions. If Big Ben could play like that again all season he would be a top 5 fantasy QB, but I feel that the Steelers will revert back to their power running game and Roethlisberger will have a good year, but not a career high.

55.) Stevie Johnson: Stevie Johnson was a character both on and off the field last year. He captivated the fans with his flashy play and humble words, holding himself responsible for a dropped TD in a big game last season. Johnson went from catching just 12 balls in his first 2 seasons, Johnson caught 82 balls for 1073 yards and 10 TDs. The Quarterback situation in Buffalo is in the hands of Ryan Fitzpatrick and that may be the only reason why Johnson isn’t higher on this list.

56.) Mark Ingram: Ingram is a Heisman winner with a big body that may just give Sean Peyton the type of RB he has been looking for in New Orleans. Ingram will not be the focal point of the Saints offense as they still have Drew Brees and many viable options in the passing game, but that may work out unbelievably for the former Crimson Tide RB. Ingram could very easily see 14-20/25 rushing attempts a game, especially late in games that the Saints are able to build leads in.

57.) Matt Schaub: Matt Schaub played in his 4th season for the Houston Texans and the 2nd straight season where he started all 16 games. Schaub threw for 4370 yards passing, but tossed just 24 TDs and 12 interceptions, numbers that were clearly impacted by the explosive season of Arian Foster. I believe that Foster’s numbers this season will fall and that Schaubs TDs should increase and hopefully he can give Andre his first 10 TD season. Schaub is getting Owen Daniels back, but his WR2 and slot WR are below average, not knocking Kevin Walters and Jacoby Jones but the Texans could use an upgrade there.

58.) Cedric Benson: Cedric Benson may be the only guy the Bengals offense will be able to depend on this season and that’s exactly why he’s not near the top of my RB list. Benson is going to play on a team with a rookie at QB a 2nd year starter at TE, and a couple of young raw WR’s. Benson had over 1,100 rushing yards, 7 rushing TDs along with nearly 200 receiving yards and another TD reception, but that was with Carson Palmer under Center and Chad Ochocinco and Terrel Owens on the outside. I find it extremely unlikely that Benson will be able to recreate a similar season, especially playing in a division with Pittsburgh, Baltimore and an improving Cleveland Browns team.

59.) Chad Ochocinco: Ochocinco went from being Robin to Terrel Owens Batman in Cincinnati to being one of Tom Brady’s weapons. Chad missed a couple of games and had a poor season, compared to what he is used to producing. He had 67 receptions for 831 yards and just 4 TDs, while his counterpart, TO, had a huge year. Ochocinco still has a lot left in the tank and could very well have a season similar to the ones during his stretch from ’02-’08 where he averaged 90 catches, 1300+ yards and 9 TDs or a repeat of last season, just used as a piece and not the center-point.

60.) Mike Tolbert: Tolbert and Ryan Matthews are going to be in a RB by committee situation in San Diego and that works out perfectly for both players. Neither one is a guaranteed lock RB2, but either one may produce like one. Tolbert is a bigger body that will likely receive all or nearly all of the 3rd down and redzone carries, but his ceiling will be limited knowing that the Chargers just spent a first round pick on Matthews last year.

61.) Jeremy Maclin: So did Jeremy Maclin have AIDS or Polio? Seriously this preseason illness was covered up in such a sketchy fashion is makes you question what was really wrong with him. Other than that dark cloud following him around, there is no reason that Maclin shouldn’t be higher on this list. In Maclin’s 2nd year he had 70 receptions and nearly 1,000 yards with 10 TDs and was targeted more often by Mike Vick than his counterpart DeSean Jackson. But then there’s that whole, WTF was wrong with Jeremy Maclin thing. . . .

62.) Kenny Britt: So somebody had a really hard time stay off the police blotter this offseason, similar to his destruction of the oppositions secondary when he got on the football field. Britt played in just 12 games and had 42 receptions, 775 yards receiving and 9 TDs, tying or improving in every stat compared to his rookie season in which he played in all 16 games. Britt will be forced to sit out a couple of games after Roger Goodell lays down his suspension, but Britt is a great WR2 when he is eligible again.

63.) Eli Manning:  Eli Manning’s offensive weapons were damaged by injuries and the Giants QB had a tough year throwing a career high 25 interceptions, but he also threw for 4000 yards and 31 TDs. If Eli is able to cut back on the picks, which he most likely will, as he has thrown just 24 interceptions in the previous two seasons. The Giants lost Steve Smith, but will have a healthy Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham, giving him more than enough options to have an effective passing game.

64.) Vernon Davis: Vernon Davis is a beast in San Francisco and if Michael Crabtree doesn’t want to be the focal point of the passing game, Davis has no problem filling his shoes. Davis had 56 catches for 914 yards and 7 TDs, making it two years in a row with 900+ yards receiving and 7+ TDs. If the Niners can figure out who is the best fit at QB and allow him to get comfortable with Davis, the TE could have another big year.

65.) Austin Collie: If Austin Collie had stayed healthy and produced on average the same as he did in the 9 games he played, he would have had near 1,200 yards receiving and 15 TDs. Realistically he played in just 9 games and was absolutely rocked on the field, a couple of times, but did catch 58 balls for 648 yards and 8 TDs. Peyton Mannings health is in question for the first time in his career and if for some reason he is out for any period of time all of the Colts WRs need to be downgraded.

66.) Jermichael Finley: Jermichael Finley was another one of those players who was hyped all pre-season last year, but was injured and only played in 3.1 games before he was injured for the season. Finley did rack up 21 catches for 301 yards and a TD, showing that he was one of Rodgers favorite targets before getting hurt. Finley is a big physical talent that can punish defenses, especially with A-Rodge throwing him the ball, but it all comes down to his health.

67.) Tim Hightower: Tim Hightower is slowly creeping up fantasy draft boards after showing Redskins fans and Mike Shanahan what he is capable of during this years pre-season games. Hightower left Arizona and joined a Washington team with multiple options at RB, but it looks like his performance will ensure he is the Skins RB1. That being said, just because he’s the starter doesn’t mean he is going to blow people away with his performance. Hightower was able to rush for over 700 yards in Arizona last year, including 5 rushing TDs and he may very well improve those numbers by half, but Washington isn’t a solid team and could be down late in games forcing the Skins to shut down the running game. But that doesn’t mean he couldn’t improve on his pass catching game.

68.) Daniel Thomas: Rookie RBs are always very difficult to evaluate before seeing them on the field in a full speed regular season situation. That being said Thomas seems to be the guy in Miami, although he is sharing the backfield with Reggie Bush. Luckily for Thomas, Bush isn’t a pure runner and if he can prove to Tony Sparano that he can gain positive yardage on a regular basis that he may have enough opportunity to perform similar to a Brandon Jacobs, not a ton of yards, but a hefty amount of TD opportunities in the redzone.

69.) Santana Moss: Santana Moss had his best year since ’05-06 catching 93 balls for 1115 yards and 6 TDs, even with the QB carousel that was taking place in Washington. Moss is getting older but is still producing at a very high level and is a solid WR2. There is another QB battle taking place in Washington and Mike Shanahan needs to decide whether he is going with Rex Grossman or John Beck. No matter who the QB is for the Redskins their best option in the passing game is going to be Santana Moss.

70.) Brandon Jacobs: Brandon Jacobs is still in New York and the Giants decided to bring back Ahmad Bradshaw, so the two are stuck in the most notorious running timeshare in the NFL. Bradshaw gave Jacobs the opportunity to work his way back into the offense after laying the rock on the floor, infuriating Tom Coughlin. Jacobs was able to rush for over 800 yards and rack up 9 rushing TDs and it may be difficult to recreate that type of season, especially with the money given to Bradshaw, but the fact that Ahmad is a small body and Jacobs is a beast, it may favor the bigger body in redzone and short yardage situations.

71.) Wes Welker: With the emergence of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, along with the mid-season acquisition of Deion Branch and the offseason signing of Chad Ochocinco, one might wonder if there is room for Wes Welker. Of course there is, Welker had an off year, catching just 86 balls for 848 yards and 7 TDs, but I think that last season’s stats are exactly what you should expect of Welker again this year.

72.) Jimmy Graham: This is going to be really exciting to see how well Jimmy Graham does this year without Jeremy Shockey in front of him on the depth chart. Graham had 31 catches for 356 yards and 5 TDs in the 11 games he appeared in last season, but in the final three games when he was the main option at TE he had 11 catches for 70 yards and 4 TDs. Graham could be Drew Brees new favorite redzone target and the Saints love to throw the ball, which is extremely beneficial to Graham’s value.

73.) Julio Jones: Julio Jones was sought after by the Atlanta Falcons and they did what they had to in order to move up and take the big Alabama WR. Matt Ryan already has Roddy White and with the addition of Julio Jones the Falcons may challenge the Packers for the best passing attack in the NFC. Julio Jones is a tall, quick kid that will force defenses to plan for him, not to mention he’s playing alongside Roddy White, like I said.

74.) Rashad Jennings: I am incredibly skeptical of MJD this season and for those fantasy owners who decide to take the Jaguars star RB, they ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO take Rashad Jennings as a handcuff. Jennings showed people that he was capable of being an adequate option behind MJD, but realistically he wont be a fantasy starter unless something detrimental happens to MJD. Jennings racked up over 450 rushing yards, 4 rushing TDs and over 200 receiving yards. Jennings will be used more this season to help keep MJD healthy and he may improve on last years numbers, but nothing near being a fantasy starter, rather he is just another fantasy handcuff.

75.) Fred Jackson: Fred Jackson was supposed to be the Bills safety blanket in case C.J. Spiller didn’t turn out and the RB had over 925 rushing yards, 5 rushing TDs, over 200 receiving yards and 2 more TD receptions. I think that Jackson has the talent to recreate last season, but I feel that Buffalo will feel the pressure to incorporate Spiller more and more into the offense and let him work through his struggles. Jackson was however already named the week 1 starter, but with Jackson you must take Spiller.

76.) Josh Freeman: Josh Freeman had a coming out party last year, throwing for 3400 yards, 25 interceptions and just 6 interceptions. Freeman is a young versatile QB with the ability to run, posting 364 rushing yards last year, but the arm strength to stretch the field. Freeman is the leader of a young Bucs offense that found a surprise RB in LeGarrette Blount, which will help keep defenses honest.

77.) Johnny Knox: The Chicago Bears went out and signed WR Roy Williams after he was cut by the Cowboys,  it seems to have lit a fire under Johnny Knox’s ass. Knox was in jeopardy of losing his starting job to Williams but has outperformed him this preseason and could be Cutler’s WR1 in Chicago. Knox had nearly 1,000 yards and 5 TDs but for some reason Lovie Smith felt that he may not have been the guy. Knox isn’t going to allow Smith to replace him so easily and will make the decision a tough one. Knox will win the spot and will be a deep threat for a QB with a good arm.

78.) Jay Cutler: Luckily for Jay Cutler fantasy football doesn’t leak into the NFL Playoffs, or else he would have had fantasy owners pulling out their hair with a pathetic Championship performance. Overall Cutler had a decent year throwing for 3200 yards, 23 TDs, and 15 interceptions, but the Bears QB lost one of his favorite targets last season, in TE Greg Olsen. The Bears did however sign ex-Cowboys and Lions WR Roy Williams, who will play on the other side of Johnny Knox and Cutler still has the speedy Devin Hester as a slot WR.

79.) Mike Thomas: After the departure of Mike Sims-Walker, Mike Thomas will become the guy in Jacksonville and whether it is David Garrard or Blaine Gabbert, he will be a good WR2. Thomas had 66 receptions for 820 yards and 4 TDs but I could very easily see him improving on every single one of those stats being the main guy for the whole season.

80.) A.J. Green: The Bengals took a great WR out of Georgia by the name of A.J. Green, but the problem is that their franchise QB Carson Palmer quit on them and they are forced to leave it in the hands of TCU QB Andy Dalton. A.J. Green has an elite skill set and will likely become one of the leagues future great WR but it may not be Andy Dalton that helps propel him to the feat. A.J. Green is worth a gamble but you shouldn’t expect anything greater than a high end WR3.

81.) Reggie Bush: Reggie Bush is another flashy RB that really isn’t a pure RB, by that I mean that he doesn’t run north/south and isn’t great at running behind his offensive line and finding the holes. Reggie has also had his fair share on injury woes and only played in 8 games last season, making his rookie season the only in which he played in all 16. Reggie has never ran for more than 581 yards and other than his rookie year when he had 742 receiving yards, Bush has yet to break the 440 yard mark in receiving.  He has only rushed for 17 TDs in 5 seasons, never more than 6 and has caught just 12 TDs, but last year Bush had just a lone receiving TD.

82.) Joseph Addai: There are rumors that Peyton Manning may not be ready for week 1, but if that is true, I believe that Joseph Addai’s value will increase. Addai does have Donald Brown behind him in the depth chart and like many RBs has had injury problems. Addai had back to back 1,000+ yards rushing in his rookie and 2nd season, but since then he has missed 13 regular season games in 3 seasons and hasn’t rushed for more than 830 yards. Addai has the skill set to be an impact player, but it depends on his health and the health of his future HOF QB.

83.) Ryan Matthews: Ryan Matthews was hyped in a big way before the start of last season and he could have lived up to it had he stayed healthy and if the Chargers didn’t have Mike Tolbert on the squad. Matthews had over 670 yards, 7 rushing TDs and another 145 yards receiving. Matthews missed just 4 games, finishing strong rushing 26 times for 120 yards and 3 TDs in the Chargers regular season finale against the Denver Broncos. Matthews may be able to break out and show people why he had such lofty expectations, but its going to be difficult with Tolbert lurking behind him.

84.) Sidney Rice: Since Sidney Rice blew up in 2009 with Brett Favre at QB the WR has been doing what seems like everything possible to sabotage his NFL career. Rice wanted a new contract but when the Vikings refused, Rice decided it was time to get hip surgery and that led to a terrible 2010 with just 17 catches for 280 yards and 2 TDs in 6 games. Now Rice followed the money and it led him to Seattle where his new QB will be former Viking Tarvaris Jackson or Charlie Whitehurst, either way it looks like Sidney may just be a solid WR2.

85.) Owen Daniels: Owen Daniels has been hampered by injuries and in the past two seasons he has played in just 19 games. He played in 11 last season and was able to pull in 38 catches for 471 yards and 2 TDs, but hopefully this year he can stay on the field and put up some bigger numbers. Daniels has a good QB throwing him the ball and an offense that is well balanced, it would be nice to see him cutting up the middle of the field.

86.) Kevin Kolb: Kolb was supposed to get an opportunity to start in Philadelphia last year, but after being removed from the opening game against the Green Bay Packers, Kolb was never able to get the job back from Mike Vick. Kolb was rumored to land all over the country, but eventually the Eagles worked out a deal with the Arizona Cardinals and hopefully Kolb and Pro Bowl WR Larry Fitzgerald Jr. can connect for a lot of big plays in the passing game.

87.) Roy Williams: Roy Williams wasn’t retained in Dallas and he is showing why during the Chicago Bears pre-season. Williams is lackadaisically jogging through the measures thus far with the Bears and it seems that he is playing his way out of a starting job. Roy has always had attitude issues, thinking hes greater than he is, but realistically his stats prove that he isn’t that good. He has had just one season with more than 836 yards and has never caught more than 8 TDs, although last season he had just 530 yards and 5 TDs. Williams could potentially punish defenses but it might take Lovie Smith benching him to give him the attitude adjustment to make him care a little more.

88.) Mike Sims-Walker: This was one of the moves this off-season that may have just gone under the radar, but Sims-Walker left Jacksonville to join Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams. Sims-Walker has battled injuries throughout his career, which may be why he only received a one year contract, but he has back to back years with 7 TDs. He played in 14 games last year and had 562 receiving yards and averaged 13.1 yards per catch. Sims-Walker is a big target for Sam Bradford and will fit nicely with the other pieces the Rams have on offense.

89.) Pierre Garcon: Garcon may have missed a couple of games last season, but was able to improve on all of his stats from last season. Pierre had 67 catches for 784 yards and 6 TDs, although he was lost behind Austin Collie for most of the season, it seemed that Peyton was starting to trust him more and more. Garcon should be considered for a WR3 position and has the potential to be better but his improvement all depends on the health of Manning.

90.) Kyle Orton: Orton was nearly on his way out of Denver, as he was inevitably to be shipped to the Miami Dolphins in the off-season, but that deal fell threw and it may turn out to be good news for the Broncos. Orton was one of the best fantasy QB’s in the NFL last year throwing for 3600 yards, 20 TDs and 9 interceptions, without starting the final 3 games of the season.

91.) Mario Manningham: Manningham had his best year in the NFL playing in all 16 games for the first time and catching 60 balls for 944 yards and 9 TDs. Eli Manning has two stellar talents at WR with Manningham playing opposite of Hakeem Nicks and all three players look to have positive seasons. Manningham finished the season strong with 16 catches for 345 yards and 4 TDs in the final 3 games of the 2010 season.

92.) Michael Bush: Michael Bush was supposed to be the Raiders starting RB last season but an injury allowed Darren McFadden to show Oakland why they drafted him. Bush only missed a couple of games, but also had games with 5 and 3 carries. He finished the year with 655 rushing yards and 8 TDs and may likely spell McFadden in the backfield and fight for some short yardage and goalline carries.

93.) Sam Bradford: Sam Bradford had a great rookie year throwing for 3500 yards, 18 TDs and 15 interceptions, but the young QB seemed to be throwing to a new target every week. The Rams lost many of Bradford’s options throughout the year and with Donnie Avery, Danny Amendola, Brandon Gibson back, along with the newly acquired Mike Sims-Walker.

94.) Lance Moore: Other than Marques Colston and Jimmy Graham it is going to be difficult for anyone to successfully project which other Saints player will be a big part of the Saints passing offense. I think that if Moore can stay healthy he will prove that Lance is More, but realistically Moore had just one 100+ yard receiving game. That game was a big one though, with Moore catching 6 balls for 149 yards and 2 TDs. Its not just 100+ yard receiving games, because Moore has recorded just 5 games with 50+ receiving yards.

95.) Plaxico Burress: Plaxico Burress is quite the story, as we know he is returning to the NFL after serving a prison sentence for shooting himself in the leg. There are some clear worries on whether or not Plax will have the proper conditioning to last an entire season. Burress showed that he can still make plays this pre-season and that much was obvious as he is still a huge body. He is playing for the Jets and there are questions about Mark Sanchez as a passing QB but I think that Sanchez just hasn’t been allowed to try throwing the ball yet, because his running game is so strong.

96.) C.J. Spiller: You just couldn’t find C.J. Spiller on the field last season in Buffalo and luckily the Bills had a great second option in Fred Jackson. Jackson has already been named the week 1 starter for Buffalo, but the Bills will clearly incorporate Spiller more and more into the offense. Spiller rushed the ball just 74 times last season, accumulating 238 yards, a 3.8 yard per carry average and caught 24 balls for 157 yards averaging just 6.5 yards per catch. Spiller has had 1 reception TD, as well as a kick return that he housed, showing his ability to make a play, but the young Clemson RB has yet to rush the ball into the endzone in a regular season game.

97.) Greg Olsen: Greg Olsen was a solid target for Jay Cutler in Chicago over the years and the Panthers hope that he will be able to do the same with rookie QB Cam Newton. That is the biggest problem with Olsen’s fantasy value, it is attached directly to the rookie from Auburn. Olsen was used early and often last season catching 25 balls for 321 yards and 4 TDs through week 10, but then was forgotten finishing the season with just 41 catches for 404 yards and 5 TDs.

98.) Malcom Floyd: Malcom Floyd showed that he could be a threat as part of a Philip Rivers led offense, but Floyd isn’t going to be the first, second or even third option this season. The Chargers WR had 700+ yards receiving and 6 TDs last season and even missed 5 games due to injury. I just think that with the return of Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates, as well as the need to run the ball, Malcom Floyd should be pleased to have a similar season again this year.

99.) Marshawn Lynch: Nobody really knew that Marshawn had been shipped from Buffalo to Seattle until he went into Beast Mode against the New Orleans Saints in the Wild Card Round of the Playoffs. Lynch was able to play 12 games for the Seahawks rushing for 573 yards, 6 TDs and another 138 reception yards. Lynch will have a full season in Seattle to prove that he can still be a featured back in the NFL, but if he isn’t able to handle the pressure Seattle still has Justin Forsett.

100.)James Starks: The Green Bay Packers were lucky to have Starks come back from an injury to       give their rushing game a boost going into what would eventually be a Super Bowl XLV victory.  Starks may not be the Packers starting RB going into week 1, as Green Bay is getting back Ryan Grant, returning from an ankle injury that made him miss the final 15 games and the Playoffs. Starks has the most burst in the Packers rotation of RBs and I feel that it will be Starks, not Grant, or Hawaii Rookie Alex Green, that will become the feature back for the defending SB Champs. No matter who wins the role, the Packers will likely use a RB rotation in an attempt to keep all legs fresh.







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